Trusted With Knifes?

Kenth AstromContributor IOctober 17, 2008

The Leafs fought like in the old days tonight. I was amazed by the energy presented by Stajan, Mayers (good fight!) and none the less by the guy between the pipes - Vesa Toskala.

It also goes to prove something else - they don't need Matt Sundin. As a matter of fact Matt might be a hindrance to what the  "little engine that could" is trying to accomplish.

I mean...the way Kubina plays, he should be moved up from "D" to an offensive position like the ones held by Blake and Andropov.

So, what's the take-away?

Well.......there are some conclusions to be drawn from tonights game:

1) Toronto Maple Leafs - one of the original six - will miss the playoffs again this year. It is the engine that could, but never will. Ron Wilson is a good guy but he's not the guy to rally the troops.

2) No point here, besides I hate 'bulleted' argument lists. If you are interested, please keep reading.

The pride of Broadway is a story in itself:

Why is Naslund the headline picture of this story? Well, that's my way of keep you guys reading.

Steve Valiquette  have by now proven himself as a first class goalie. If he is 'first class' enough to compete with (or even come close to) "King Henrik" Lundqvist, remains to be seen. Steve had a pretty solid night thought.

I love the Hartford Wolfpack, but Dawes really have to shave his beard. Nigel, it doesn't make you 'manly' and in a fight with Doug Murray of the Sharks in the spring, he's going to wipe your....@*s with it. I love your hockey Nigel, but..shave it and put it at the

This brings us to Avery. Why Avery? The playboy of Chelsea? Well, I personally could not figure out why he was traded.

Well, now I know. The whole reason why Sean "motor-mouth" Avery was traded was because of #34 Aaron "mean-mouth" Aaron Voros.

Sean Avery, you will be missed. We here in the tri-state area will never forget your controversies with ....ehrr.......'Fatso'...?...

Apart from that - good riddance.

Ryan Hollweg is 'benched' while Freddie 'Shoestring' Sjostom determines the game in shootouts. Too bad, I always liked Hollweg. Why did he have to join 'the enemy' ?

It is early in the season.

But hockey is back and I love it.

BTW - isn't it funny how some of these European 'stars' chose to sit it out? Washed up stars like Sundin and Forsberg, so called  "free agents", chose to sit it out (don't get hurt!) and see who's in the lead by X-mas..?...then (maybe) we decide who to (maybe) play for ?!

Which leads me to my final point;.....What makes you think that Markus "Mackan" Naslund is going to produce here in New York? When he didn't neither in Canucks nor in the Swedish national team?!

Markus Naslund mainly skates around the ice and try not to get hurt.

Gomez and Drury are struggling offensive, but at least they are IN there. So is Dubinsky, Voros, Dawson and all the others.

But not Naslund.

I predict "Mackan" Naslund is gone by trade deadline, end of February.

Markus Naslund, here's an advise for you: There are NO goals down in the CORNERS!

Go Rangers and Stay tuned !