5 Superstars Who Would Benefit from Ending Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 15, 2011

5 Superstars Who Would Benefit from Ending Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak

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    Taker ends HBK's career
    Taker ends HBK's career

    Everyone wants to do it, but no one ever has.

    I am talking of course about defeating The Undertaker at “The Grandest Stage of Them All” Wrestlemania. The Streak has become a big part in Wrestlemania history. The Deadman faced 20 challengers and is 19-0 at Wrestlemania (In 2003 Undertaker defeated A-Train and Big Show in a handicap match).

    The biggest and best superstars all faced and fell to The Phenom. Superstars like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista, Edge, Kane, Ric Flair, Jimmy Snuka and more, couldn’t be the odds.

    There has been rumors that The Deadman wants his Streak to eventually end one day.

    The question is: Who will step up to the plate at this years Wrestlemania?

    We are in the middle of a Youth Movement within the WWE and there are some promising young superstars who would greatly benefit from such an accomplishment as ending the notorious Streak.

Dolph Ziggler

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    Ziggler has found great success on WWE’s Blue Brand. He was a long reigning Intercontinental Champion defeating challengers such as Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger. Soon after Dolph dropped the belt to Kofi he won the right to challenge World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, for the belt.

    Ziggler unsuccessfully challenged Edge at the Royal Rumble event. Dolph’s girlfriend/intern/business associate, Vickie Guerrero would grant Ziggler a rematch but ban Edge’s finishing move The Spear. After a series of events in their match together, Edge hit Ziggler with the Spear for the win.

    On the following episode of Smackdown Vickie told Edge the stipulation and stripped him of the belt and awarded it to Ziggler. This dream would soon turn into a nightmare as Ziggler lost the title to Edge the same night.

    Vince McMahon put the silver spoon in Ziggler’s mouth. The taste of victory and success was turned sour when Vince made the decision to make Ziggler one of the worst World Champions in WWE history.

    The series of unfortunate events left a bitter taste in Ziggler’s mouth and hungry for more.

    Now Ziggler is trapped in Mid-Card Purgatory waiting for his World title chance to strike again. That chance may not come for a very long time. Ziggler has been forced to take a back seat to the likes of John Cena, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio.

    The thing that would skyrocket Ziggler back atop the ranks in the WWE would to achieve something modern Legends couldn’t do.

    Defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

    Ziggler would be on top of the WWE once again if he achieved such feat.

    With help of Vickie Guerrero, Ziggler can be the top heel in WWE if he were to beat The Undertaker and have Vickie in his corner as his manager.

John Morrison

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    Morrison has been bouncing around the mid-card in WWE for a long time now. Only recently has he been given main event chances.

    Morrison has done all there is in the mid-card scene. He is a former ECW Champion, World Tag Team Champion, 3 time WWE Tag Team Champion and a three-time Intercontinental Champion.

    Morrison has a very big fan base and has incredible in-ring talent.

    Morrison delivers big spots in big matches like at the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber. He came close to winning the big titles on several occasions but constantly falls short.

    Morrison recently underwent neck surgery and will be out for a little while.

    When he returns he will most likely enter a feud with R-Truth, the man that put him on the shelf.

    Morrison has the in-ring assets to win the big one. However, Morrison does not posses the mic skills to be champion, as a face that is.

    John Morrison’s mic skills are at their best when he portrays a heel persona. The problem is that the fans can’t hate a guy that pulls off amazing spots and a move like Star Ship Pain.

    Morrison is similar to TNA’s AJ Styles.

    Both have similar in-ring styles that the fans simply can’t hate. They love watching their guy either do a 450 Splash or Star Ship Pain.

    If Morrison were to defeat The Undertaker’s Streak he would instantly become a top face in the WWE. Perhaps, right next to John Cena. Defeating The Streak would do wonders for Morrison’s career and it would definitely make him that much closer to winning the big one.

Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston is a small man but can definitely hang with the top tier dogs in WWE. Last year Kofi was in a feud with “The Viper” Randy Orton. Kofi was getting the best of Orton in their feud until one minor mistake.

    It’s ridiculous actually.

    Randy Orton was setting up for an RKO on Kofi and Orton feels like Kingston seen it coming and didn’t do something right.

    It was a minor botch if anything. I wouldn’t even call it a botch. No one saw it but Orton.

    Randy needs to search through some of his old tapes and see some of the very noticeable botches he did throughout his career.

    So, Orton derailed any hopes of Kingston erupting on the main event scene.

    Kofi has been competing for mid-card belts recently.

    Kingston is a two-time United States Champion, three-time Intercontinental Champion and former World Tag Team Champion.

    If Kofi were to defeat Undertaker at Wrestlemania that would definitely give him the main event push he deserved, but never got. I like the idea of Kofi Kingston vs. The Undertaker and the main event scene on RAW is lacking some faces.

Jack Swagger

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    This guy’s career seems to be going in reverse.

    Swagger debuted on ECW and was a great success. He dominated the show and won the ECW Championship rather quickly.

    After the demise of ECW Swagger bounced around until Wrestlemania 26 rolled around.

    Swagger won Money in the Bank and was destined to be a World Champion.

    The Smackdown following Wrestlemania, Swagger cashed in on an assaulted Chris Jericho and won the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time.

    Swagger had a decent reign. He defended the belt against Chris Jericho, Edge, Randy Orton and Big Show.

    Since losing the title Swagger was challenging Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship. Swagger went from World Champion to mid-card wrestler in months.

    Swagger has been teaming with Michael Cole in his on going feud with Jerry Lawler. After this feud ends I think Cole should return the favor. Help Swagger out.

    Jack Swagger was once the hottest rookie in WWE but now he’s burnt out. He is fighting broadcast announcers.

    For Swagger to be taken seriously again and considered a threat within the WWE he needs to take a big step.

    Defeat The Undertaker.

    It would fit his heel persona perfectly. He is already a cocky, arrogant young star. Imagine what this achievement would do for him.

Wade Barrett

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    Where to start with Wade Barrett?

    Winner of NXT Season 1. After winning season one I was anxious to see where Barrett would end up. One night on RAW he showed up with fellow NXTers and destroyed CM Punk, John Cena and everything at ringside.

    Barrett and his crew of bandits would reveal themselves as The Nexus and demand contracts. This gang would set their sights on WWE’s poster boy, John Cena. Nexus made Cena’s life a living hell and forced Cena to join their crew.

    Barrett was fighting to win the WWE Championship. He feuded with Cena and Orton but always fell short.

    Wade Barrett looked like he was going to be a top star in the WWE, until Cena destroyed Nexus from within.

    Nexus members rebelled against Barrett and accepted CM Punk as their leader.

    Barrett would vanish from RAW but reappear on Smackdown with Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Ezekiel Jackson to form The Corre—just another ball and chain used to hold Barrett under.

    Barrett would win the Intercontinental Championship as Slater and Gabriel held the Tag Team titles. Major drop for Barrett.

    The Corre hit a rough patch when they chose to pick a fight with Big Show.

    Wade Barrett is the total package, he just needs one thing to put him over.

    A feud with Cena or Orton or Big Show would be stale since its been done before. Insert Undertaker.

    As I said, Barrett is the total package. He was a top heel in WWE last year with Nexus. He can be a top heel once again if he defeats The Streak.

    Ending the Streak would draw a lot of heat on Barrett and maybe some gold too. World title gold.