Roy Williams Trade: Why It Hurts Both Teams

Matt JCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2008

As Roy Williams says goodbye to one big "D" and says hello to the other, I will examine why this trade hurts both teams more than helping them.

When I review this trade without looking at who the teams are, I see a nice trade that should help both teams in the long run. But when I look at the teams with the trades, I wonder why this deal was ever made.

Let's take a look at why this trade hurts Dallas more than helps them. Sometimes I wonder why the Cowboys do what they do.

The biggest reason this trade hurts the Cowboys is the man himself, Terrell Owens. Now that Roy Williams, a Pro Bowl receiver is on the same team with him, Terrell will complain even more about passes thrown to him, and he will become more of a nuisance. If you ask me, it will start to be like those last few months Terrell was with the Eagles.

That really is the only big reason this trade hurts Dallas, besides, they gave up a couple of nice picks to Detroit when they could have gotten him cheaper.

Now let's look at why this hurts Detroit more than helps them. 

One of the main reasons is now Johnson will be the No. 1, go-to guy, and I think he will be very good and deserving of it soon, but having Williams there was almost a must.

In only Johnson's second year, he will now have to take on double teams and teams focusing on him, because now he is their only top-notch receiver. I guess we will have to wait and see how he deals with the pressure of this.

The next reason is if this was any other team, I would be confident that they would do the smart thing with there first-round pick from the Cowboys and pick what they need.

In the Lions' case, they need to pick a couple of linemen in the first round. If I am correct, they now have two first-round picks and one will be a top pick. They should use both picks on linemen in the first. Then work on getting some defense, too.

My problem with this is that the Lions hardly ever go with the smart pick and choose the player they really need, so until they actually make the correct pick, I will say that those picks are near worthless.

Needless to say, this trade will help these teams some and in small ways. But if you ask me, this trade mostly just hurt these teams more than helped them.