Can The Saints Go All Of The Way?

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IOctober 17, 2008

I usually don't like to write articles with questions as the titles but in this case it proved necessary.

The question is: can the Saints go all of the way? By "all of the way" I mean can the Saints go to the Super Bowl. The Saints are bursting at the seams with talented players like Drew Brees, Reggie Bush (both above), Duece McAllister, Jeremy Shockey, and many others.

The two losses that the Saints have suffered have both came about by the Saints making key mistakes in the final minutes of the game. A pass interference call, and missed field goal, it all adds up. The New Orleans Saints could easily be 6-0 right now without those costly mistakes but with a key win against the Raiders (34-3), the Saints look to be on the right track.

Jason David, one of the former weak links in the defensive chain looks to be on his way to becoming a solid corner in the absence of the injured Tracy Porter, he made two tackles and an interception against the Raiders in the Dome last Sunday.

The Saints need to become better because they will not play in the Louisiana Superdome again for another 42 days. That has to be some kind of record. Their game against the San Diego Chargers in London, England will be counted as a home game for the Saints and with the number of Saints' fans making plans to go to the game, it will probably kind of look like a home game.

The Saints are at the bottom of their division, but they could bump that up a little this weekend when they play the Carolina Panthers in Bank of America Stadium with it being a divisional game and all. If they win that is.