25 Sports Hotties Who Clean Up Well

Asher ChanceySenior Analyst IMay 24, 2011

25 Sports Hotties Who Clean Up Well

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    There was a time when sports could be played, or even dominated, by goofy-looking people.  

    Go look up Ernie Lombardi, Shoeless Joe Jackson and George Mikan if you do not believe me.  Killer looks and sculpted figures were not always necessary requisites.

    But in the 21st century, hyper competitiveness requires athletes to be in top shape in order to rise to the top of their games.  The result is that the vast majority of professional athletes have fantastic bodies.

    And this phenomenon becomes a windfall for female athletes, as the very things that makes them great athletes also tends to make them look great in evening gowns, bathing suits and what have you.

    Here's a look at 25 such athletes, hotties, if you will, who clean up well.

25. Ana Ivanovic: Working

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    Ana Ivanovic looks good even she is all sweaty and dirty.

25. Ana Ivanovic: Playing

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    But dressed up for a night on the town, one would never known that she was ever sweaty or dirty.

24. Anna Rawson: On the Links

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    Anna Rawson, ready to tee off.

24. Anna Rawson: On the Town

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    Vince Bucci/Getty Images

    Anna Rawson, on the red carpet.

23. Blair O'Neal: Driving

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    Blair O'Neal makes golf sexy.

23. Blair O'Neal: Posing

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    And cleans up well.

22. Bianca and Bia Feres: Working It

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    From what we understand, these two are synchronized swimmers.  


22. Bianca and Bia Feres: Kicking It

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    We promise, we tried to find pictures of them swimming.

21. Danica Patrick: Work Clothes

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    Danica Patrick, desperately trying to keep her coveralls on.

21. Danica Patrick: Play Clothes

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    Danica Patrick, having less trouble.

20. Frederica Pellegrini: Ready to Swim

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    Getting ready to swim . . . 

20. Federica Pellegrini: Ready to Make a Splash

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    ...and ready to go out afterwards.

19. Jennie Finch: Ready to Pitch

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    Jennie Finch, a classic girl next door on the ball field.

19. Jennie Finch: Ready to Strut

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    The girl next door to my house did not look like that.

18. Julia Mancuso: Sexy Skier

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    Hey, nice suit.

18. Julia Mancuso: Red Carpeter

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    Even better.

17. Leryn Franco: On the Track

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    Leryn Franco, a javelin thrower at the 2008 Olympics.

17. Leryn Franco: On the Catwalk

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    And in her second career as a fashion model.

16. Maria Kirilenko: Swinging the Racket

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    Look at her, skirt fluttering, hair all over the place.

16. Maria Kirilenko: After the Fact

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    Now look at her, a Good Housekeeping cover girl.

15. Misty May: In the Sand

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15. Misty May: On the Land

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    Peter Kramer/Getty Images

    All cleaned up.

14. Sasha Cohen: On the Ice

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    Sasha Cohen working.

14. Sasha Cohen: All Dressed Up

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    Sasha Cohen looking like she's nominated for an Oscar.

13. Anna Kournikova: Then

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    Hey wait, Anna Kournikova used to play tennis?

13. Anna Kournikova: Now

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    This is the Anna we're all used to.

12. Candace Parker: Baller

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    Candace Parker, tom-boy baller.

12. Candace Parker: Player

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    Is that Candace Parker, or Toni Braxton?

11. Clair Bidex: With Snowboard

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    We simply must pay more attention to snowboarding at the next Olympics.

11. Clair Bidex: With Dress

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    Ah, lovely.

10. Kim Yu Na: Skating

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    Lovely on skates.

10. Kim Yu Na: Posing

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    Lovely holding skates.

9. Lisa Leslie: In the Lane

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    She's about to dunk you up.

9. Lisa Leslie: On the Carpet

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8. Lokelani McMichael: Biker

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    Notice how her sweat has a nice, even, sexy gloss.

8. Lokelani McMichael: Looker

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    Lovely. See, all she had to do is get rid of the sweat and she's cleaned up!

7. Maria Sharapova: Tennis Star

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7. Maria Sharapova: International Celebrity

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    Classic beauty.

6. Nastia Liukin: In China

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6. Nastia Liukin: Back Home

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    Nastia as she wants to be.

5. Tanith Belbin: Ice Dancer

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    Tanith Belbin and her Olympic ice-dancing partner Benjamin Agosto never won gold, settling for silver in 2006.

5. Tanith Belbin: Catwalker

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    Tanith Belbin, golden from head to toe.

4. Lauren Jackson: On the Court

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    Girl, how tall you is?

4. Lauren Jackson: Off the Court

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    Pretty tall.

3. Lindsey Vonn: Skier

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    That snow will melt very quickly.

3. Lindsey Vonn: ESPY Nominee

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    That red carpet will shoot up in flames very quickly.

2. Amanda Beard: Dirty

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    OK, so former Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard is already pretty clean in this picture.

2. Amanda Beard: Clean

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    But I think we can all agree that she "cleans up" well in this picture.

1. Anastasia Ashley: Before

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    Um...surfer, right?

1. Anastasia Ashley: After

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    Yeah, she knows it. Must be tough to be No. 1.