The Padres Are at The Crossroads

Alex KasendorfContributor IOctober 17, 2008

When a team goes from a 13th inning defeat for a right to represent the National League as the wild-card entrant into the playoffs to knocking on the door of 100 losses, just one season later, serious changes are needed.  With a desire to shrink payroll and build for the future, is it even a shock that that the Padres are shopping Jake Peavy? Should Padres fans expect anything different? The short answer is no.  If Peavy can be traded for 3 future lineup regulars, make the deal. The rumors swirling are that Kevin Towers will take two young pitchers and a starting center fielder. They pitchers better be able to step in within a year or two but if they can be counted on to shore up the rotation for years to come, pull the trigger.  Chris Young will step into the #1 slot and 2-5 will be manned by the likes of Cha Seung Baek, Josh Geer, Wade Leblanc, etc. Pitching has never been and never will be the problem in San Diego. With Petco playing huge, any number of players in the Padres farm system will be sufficient to tap the rubber. What the Padres need is power and speed. If they can fill the void in center with a speedy, lead-off type who can occasionally knock one out, it will compliment Gonzalez, Kouz and Headley. The pitching staff may need some time to grow but as long as Jake is dealt far, far away from the National League West (see Atlanta), the deal should be done.