LFL: The 10 Hottest Pictures on the Internet of Chicago Bliss' Danielle Moinet

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMay 14, 2011

LFL: The 10 Hottest Pictures on the Internet of Chicago Bliss' Danielle Moinet

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    Ladies and Gentleman, I was inspired. Yes, I was inspired!! Why you ask? Well, it seems that my article on the the top 10 hottest women from the Lingerie Football League went over pretty well. But, I saw that two women especially liked it and tweeted their happiness regarding. Both ladies made the top 10 list and both well deserved it.

    One of those hotties was the Chicago Bliss' Danielle Moinet.

    This football league, while inciting because of the fact we can see women in versions of lingerie, is actually getting very popular not just with guys but with women as well. No lady's football league has ever been as popular as the LFL, and that is a huge thing.

    This is like the ladies' version of the NFL, and I suggest you check it out, not only for the women, but for the action as well. Moinet is a big representative of that. She's a very attractive woman but is also one of the LFL's top players. She could probably play as good as some of the men.

    She is actually the captain of the Chicago team and plays cornerback. I've also heard she has gone both ways...as wide receiver. Get your minds out of the gutter people!

    Now, Ms. Moinet is one of my favorite players from the LFL and after seeing these pictures, you'll know why.

Chicago Made Moinet

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    I just love a girl in uniform. There is a wrestler called CM Punk, from Chicago. His initials CM are "Chicago Made," then of course Punk comes from variations of things. But, from now on, as long as she's playing in Chicago, I think we should all call her CM Moinet. Who's with me? No one, ok then.

What a Tease

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    All I wanna know is, is she teasing her hair, or is she teasing us?

Cold Shoulder

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    Just like those weird guys who tried to hit on her in high school, Moinet gives us the cold shoulder. Well, it would be tough for her to give a "cold" one, seeing as she's so hot!

Laying Down on the Job

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    You know, those who lay down on the job will never win championships in the LFL! But, we males out there don't mind if Moinet wants to do so!

It's a Just Waiting Game!

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    You know, waiting to go out and kick some tail in football can be stressful. But Ms. Moinet finds it very easy. How so you ask? Well, her waiting game requires simply smiling while many photographers take pictures. This all before the actual game! Ah, to be in the LFL!

Stretching Wins Championships!

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    There is always room for improvement!

    You'll shoot your eyes out!

    You can't handle the truth!

    Obviously, all the above are famous sayings. But, none are better than this:

    "Stretching wins championships!"


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    For those that do not know, Danielle Moinet has the hourglass effect. In that, when you see her, you stare for an hour!

Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone!

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    Yes, without Ms. Moinet, there would be no sunshine in the world. While she does live in the Windy City, whenever she is there, sunshine comes too. Well, until the winter. Gah, those Chicago winters are rough.


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    Ummm...should I even touch this one? Well I'd like to, but, okay no, it's time to stop typing now Joe.

Fly on the Wall

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    Ok, forget being the fly. I want to be the wall!


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    I'd first like to thank you all for joining me on the slideshow to look at the hottest pics on the 'net of Danielle Moinet. She is both a great player and beautiful woman. So, this was a tribute to her.

    I'd also like to thank Ms. Moinet for being a good sport when she sees this list.

    You can follow her on twitter at: DanielleMoinet

    You can follow me on twitter too: BRSuperstarJoeB