TNA Sacrifice 2011: Card and Predictions

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 14, 2011

TNA Sacrifice 2011: Card and Predictions

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    This Sunday, May 15, coming LIVE out of Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, TNA presents Sacrifice!

    There are nine matches on the card. Four out of those nine will be contested for a TNA Wrestling Championship. The Knockouts title, X Division title, Tag Team titles and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line.

    If you order Sacrifice LIVE on pay-per-view, you will get to witness the in-ring returns of "Wildcat" Chris Harris and "The Ninth Wonder of the World," Chyna!

    The following is the complete Sacrifice card and my predictions for the upcoming show.

Brian Kendrick vs. Robbie E w/ Cookie

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    I never knew this was a match on the card until I checked

    This match is most likely a dark match because of no hype and because we haven't seen either guy in action since about Lockdown. This match didn't even get a little picture to advertise it on

    I'm going to go with the guy who had the most success in TNA as of right now.


    My Prediction: Robbie E w/ Cookie

Abyss vs. Crimson

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    This match has been stirring up since late January. In order to up the ante, TNA recognized Crimson's undefeated streak and had The Monster lay him out week after week.

    This should be a bad-blood match. Straight up brawl.

    We had a little preview to this match on iMPACT! this past week, as these guys were in a Three-Way match together alongside Samoa Joe.

    Every week Abyss has laid out Crimson, but it was always a post-match attack and Crimson was always caught off guard. We'll see what it's like when Crimson has his undivided attention on "The Monster" Abyss.

    I think Crimson will be too much for Abyss to handle one-on-one, and he has an undefeated streak coming into this match.


    My Prediction: Crimson


    If Crimson wins, I'd expect his feud with Abyss to end but another to start, only this time with Samoa Joe. Crimson has shown how angry he can get at Joe for always walking out on him during an attack by Abyss. Samoa Joe says that Crimson's undefeated streak is nothing big. There are tensions between the two and I wouldn't be surprised if this feud is on deck.

Mexican America vs. Ink Inc.

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    This match has had little hype. 

    It started when Ink Inc. crashed Mexican America's Cinco de Mayo celebration. Ink Inc's. Jesse Neal told Mexican America that if they don't like the US, they can let the door hit them in the ass on the way out.

    Most recently on Impact Wrestling, there was a 25-Man Battle Royal. Hernandez eliminated both members of Ink Inc. from the match. Which leads us to Sacrifice.

    I think this isn't even Ink Inc.'s fight. They have no problems with Hernandez and Anarquia. I think this was originally going to kick off a feud between the Guns and Mexican America. Anarquia beat Sabin in a match about three weeks ago. Mexican America continued to beat down Sabin until MCMG partner Alex Shelley made the save. Since the attack, Sabin injured his knee, thus postponing a potential feud.

    This match should be an easy pick. It is for me at least.

    Ink Inc. said that after they beat Mexican America they're going to beat Beer Money for tag team gold. Remember Lockdown? Ink Inc won the Four Way tag team match and earned the right to challenge Beer Money for the titles.

    To keep Ink Inc.'s momentum going, and to keep their credibility, they need to win this match. Ink Inc. is the No. 1 contender for the tag team titles. They need to stay strong if they want fans to believe they have a chance.


    My Prediction: Ink Inc.

Knockouts Title Match: Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James

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    The first title match of the night.

    Madison Rayne's Lockdown rematch.

    Mickie didn't just give away a rematch to Madison. Madison had to sacrifice something to earn the match. If Madison wins, she becomes champion again; however, if Mickie wins, then Tara is free from her contract with Madison.

    Tara hates being with Madison and it should come as no surprise if Tara costs Madison the match just to earn her freedom. Wouldn't you like to see Tara free? Tara has worked with Madison since the summer I believe.

    Mickie's reign has just started in a sense and this would be only her second defense. This would be too short of a reign for someone of Mickie's caliber.

    Mickie can win the match cleanly, but if TNA wants a feud between Tara and Madison, then Tara will interfere in favor of Mickie. There is no way that Madison will leave Sacrifice as Knockouts Champion.


    My Prediction: Still champion, Mickie James

AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer

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    I actually thought AJ Styles was going to win this with no problem. Then I realized that Bully Ray isn't on the card. Then I factored Bully Ray into this match.

    Styles should be an odds out favorite in this match. Everyone expects him to win this match, hands down. If he does beat Dreamer, then what?

    AJ is going to be completely dominant until Bully Ray comes out and costs AJ the match, thus pushing their feud even more.

    Styles wants revenge on Bully Ray and still hasn't gotten it. Ray costing AJ the match here would make revenge down the road that much sweeter.

    I never thought I'd say this but, Tommy Dreamer will defeat AJ Styles.


    My Prediction: Tommy Dreamer

X Division Title Match: Max Buck vs. Kazarian

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    This match has had no hype behind it whatsoever.

    Max was last seen (in a ring) at Lockdown, and Kazarian hasn't wrestled a singles match in ages.

    These two haven't said a word about each other or been in the same room together for all we know.

    After watching the 25-Man Battle Royal on iMPACT!, Kazarian looks to have injured his knee. Jeff Jarrett suplexed Kazarian over the top rope and down to the floor. Kazarian hit the floor and immediately grabbed his knee.

    Kazarian has had a good reign as X Division Champion, but I don't find him as the top guy to represent the X Division. I find that guy to be Max Buck.

    Max is fast and high flying, and posses all the traits to showcase the X Division.

    With Kazarian's latest knee injury, it'd be smarter for TNA to put the belt on a healthier guy for the time being.


    My Prediction: New X Division Champion, Max Buck 

Tag Team Title Match: Matt Hardy & Chris Harris vs. Beer Money

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    I'm excited about the return of "Wildcat" Chris Harris, but I think his return match will be a loss.

    Beer Money has been tag teaming for four years; Hardy and Harris, not even a day.

    Beer Money is the obvious answer here because of experience. Also, you can't forget about Ink Inc. Whoever wins this match will have their hands full with Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore.

    Who thinks a random pairing like Hardy and Harris can become tag team champions? Maybe in a different entertainment company that thing is possible, but in Impact Wrestling, wrestling matters. (Sorry. I just wanted to say that).

    Matt Hardy. Chris Harris. "Sorry about your damn luck!"


    My Prediction: Still TNA Tag Team Champions, Beer Money

The Jarretts vs. Kurt Angle and Chyna

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    There you have it. The in-ring return of Chyna.

    It's a mixed tag team match, meaning men fight men and women fight women. If Kurt decides to tag in Chyna, that immediately forces Karen into the match.

    Karen has no wrestling experience and Chyna certainly does.

    Unless the Jarretts pull their usual BS, this match is a giveaway. Angle and Chyna should have no problem.

    The thing that makes me think is: How will Chyna "take out" Karen?


    My Prediction: Kurt Angle and Chyna 

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: RVD vs. Sting

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    Sting handpicked RVD to be his opponent.

    This isn't the first time RVD and Sting fought for a world title against each other. Rewind to Slammiversary last year with RVD as champion.

    These two guys haven't been at each other's throats, but at each other's side in a fight against Immortal. These two share a mutual respect for each other and have a "may the best man win" feel to the match.

    Whoever wins this match can't celebrate long because Mr. Anderson is already the No. 1 contender for Slammiversary this year.

    I have a feeling that Sting is going to win this match, but wouldn't a World Title match between Anderson and RVD be awesome?

    Slowly but surely, Sting is crossing off his list of people who want their rematch. Now RVD, next Anderson. Finally, they can stop complaining about not getting a rematch.

    This should be a close match. It can go either way, but in the end I'm going with Sting.


    My Prediction: Still World Champion, Sting

The End

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    The end.

    Hope you enjoyed.

    Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments section.

    Feel free to leave your own predictions if you like.