WWE: Arn Anderson and Five Potential Managers WWE Could Use

LewisAnalyst IIIMay 14, 2011

WWE: Arn Anderson and Five Potential Managers WWE Could Use

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    Word on the Internet is that WWE is planning on bringing back the manager role.

    We've seen Michael Hayes return, the rumor of Jimmy Hart returning and Ranjin Singh had moments with The Great Khali and the new guy, Jinder Mahal.

    With all the rumors on the Internet, I put together a list who I would like to see as a WWE manager.

    So sit back, relax and be sure to check out the last slide (Wink)....

Abraham Washington

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    Anyone that saw his 'Critically acclaimed' show; The Abraham Washington Show on ECW lite knows he has the gift of the gab. But since the demise of ECW, Washington hasn't been seen on WWE TV.

    He is down in FCW, although many rumors at one time speculated he was the mystery RAW General Manager.

    I haven't seen him wrestle, but if WWE wants to keep it that way, the manager role would be a great fit for him.


    Who Should He Manage?

    The Uso Twins.

    I haven't heard much of the duo on the mic but unlike most people, I feel Usos have the talent to succeed big time in this business.

Jimmy Hart

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    In March of this year, rumors speculating that Jimmy Hart had ditched TNA or Impact Wrestling for WWE ran rife.

    He is best known for his managerial skills, as he has managed the likes of Big Show, Honky Tonk Man, Bret Hart, The Funks and even the iconic Hulk Hogan.

    Jimmy Hart has the experience and isn't nicknamed ' The Mouth of the South' for nothing. 


    Who Should He Manage?

    I personally think Jimmy Hart should be paired with someone with whom he has a bit of history.

    He managed Ted DiBiase back in the day. Ted DiBiase Jr, as much as some people feel he has 'IT,' doesn't seem as good on the mic as some say.

    Although I think WWE should drop the million dollar son act, an association with Hart would do wonders for him and hopefully give him a voice...

Arn Anderson

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    Word coming out of WWE is that Arn Anderson is being considered to have a managerial role.


    Who Should He Manage?

    Daniel Bryan or Michael McGillicutty

Michael Hayes

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    As you have already heard, Hayes is already managing Tyson Kidd; however, I read somewhere that WWE are still considering others to be managed by Michael Hayes.


    Who Should He Manage?

    Tyler Reks. I'm not a big fan of his, but WWE seemed at one time like they planned big things for him. They can build him as a monster and have Hayes lead him.

Kevin Nash

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    This is my favorite potential manager.

    Although I wish he could wrestle, I feel WWE doesn't want him in the ring. He has signed a Legends Contract, which confirms his commitment to WWE again.


    Who Should He Manage?

    Mason Ryan, Brodus Clay.

Matt Striker

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    He is barely a commentator these days, as he only appears on WWE Superstars.

    I want someone to manage John Morrison, but I just don't think anyone really could...


    Who Should He Manage?

    Evan Bourne? Perhaps Daniel Bryan. Striker, although in WWE, wouldn't surprise me if he were part of the IWC.

    Did you hear him during the 2011 Royal Rumble?

    That's why someone who the IWC deems as underused would be a perfect choice. 

Less Likely but a Possibility

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    Edge: The only person I could realistically see managing John Morrison, plus he stated he wants to 'help' the young guns in a recent interview.

    Vince McMahon: Long shot, but whatever Vince sees as a need he will fulfill. Him partnering up with Drew McIntyre would ignite McIntyre's WWE career again . 

    Dean Malenko: The longest shot out of all, in my view. He works backstage at the moment but for how long? 

    A Diva to manage Kharma? Melina comes to mind.

    Chavo Guerrero: Sin Cara

    Val Venis: News broke late last year that Venis re-signed with WWE as an agent. It would not surprise me if he brought back a rated PG porn star/model/ladies-man gimmick and partnered up with Dolph Ziggler if Vickie disappears... 

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    Out of the divas released in recent years, I would want Maria to come back more than anyone else....


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