WWE Over the Limit Preview: 15 Burning Questions Fans Want Answered

LewisAnalyst IIIMay 21, 2011

WWE Over the Limit Preview: 15 Burning Questions Fans Want Answered

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    With the sad passing of Macho Man Randy Savage, I had to take my mind of it.

    I've been meaning to make this article for a few days, but was very busy and as I woke up today looking on my favorite Pro Wrestling websites - I saw a picture of Randy Savage. I went onto to click and it explained the reason behind the picture.

    Hopefully these 15 Burning questions can take your mind of the news for a minute. 

Are Commentators Going to Be Just at Ringside from Now On?

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    Everyone has their opinion on this.

    And from the start I was happy - I thought it was going to be Jack Swagger feuding with WWE hall of Famer Jerry Lawler. 

    I didn't think WWE were really going to put Micheal Cole in a match.

    WWE pulls the stupid move of Cole wrestling at WWE Wrestlemania 27 and going over Lawler then and at WWE Extreme Rules last month.

    Lets just hope, pray and everything in between this is the end of the feud.

Kharma Will Harm the Divas Title Match?

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    If you haven't heard you're forgiven.

    I had to write on BOTH of my hands that a Divas match is taking place at WWE Over the Limit.

    Brie Bella Vs. Kelly Kelly is set and you can bet your last dime that Kharma will harm after the match.

    But the question is who will she attack?

    Kelly Kelly or the Bellas?

    Will see a diva (Gail Kim or Beth Pheonix) come out?

Is R-Truth Getting Pushed Towards the Main Event?

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    R-Truth is proving himself to be a popular guy on the IWC circuit in recent weeks following his heel turn in London.

    I think many of us feel he is the most entertaining heel performer on the RAW brand and many also feel he would be a welcomed addition to the main event scene.

    However over the years, the IWC has learned WWE doesn't like to push TNA guys.

    Examples are: Gail Kim and Christian. 

    The last name however has been involved in probably the most popular feud going into WWE Over the Limit. Christan finally won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Extreme Rules and along with a 17 year wait, Christian broke the feeling of WWE making a fool out of TNA guys.

    The hope now is that the Truth can work his way up.

    Despite being a former TNA Wrestler, Truth can't perform in Canada due to some Criminal convection's and that may hinder him being the next big thing.

    A win over Rey Mysterio may show that WWE are behind him.

Rey Mysterio Is Going to Be a Mid-Card Act Once Again on Monday Nights

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    For all those people who want Rey Mysterio to retire as soon as possible and others who say he is boring and for the kids.

    You guys are not appreciating the work of Mysterio. 

    Mysterio can have a good match with the majority of the roster and in my mind, is pretty similar to Chris Jericho. 

    Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho (Christian can be put in this group also) are a few guys who are able to make guys look like the real deal and make an entertaining match with pretty much anyone, they also don't mind putting talent over.

    Mysterio made Cody Rhodes look a million dollars.

    Mysterio isn't appreciated enough in the IWC I feel.

    However I think quite like Mysterio's last stint on RAW, he will be lost in the mid-card scene.

    At Over the Limit, expect a great match with R-Truth with it spilling until John Morrison returns which will then move Rey Mysterio onto the next Mid-card guy WWE wants to push. 

Will Christian Actually Have a Main Event Showing at over the Limit?

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    Captain Charisma's peeps are hoping for Christian to be a top main event player.

    We will know this on how WWE portrays him in the match against Randy Orton.

    I think the majority of us expect Randy Orton to win .... again. (someone told me the last time Orton lost cleanly was against Jack Swagger last year at Extreme Rules)

    I also think many of us expect a heel turn for one.

    WWE really can't turn one of these guys heels because there is NO second babyface on Smackdown viable for the main event scene.

    The only person, if WWE did turn Christian or Randy Orton heel is Kane.

    But Kane is stuck with Big Show in a lackluster reign of Tag Team Champions.

    I hoping for Christian to turn heel, but I just can't see it happening from a logical viewpoint.

    We can only guess as to how WWE will use him after the PPV, If Christian and Randy Orton have around 20 minutes and Christian at least looks strong, the peeps can rejoice as it would seem WWE are keeping him the 2nd top dog. 

    If not, I can't hold myself to punch the television screen.  

Is Randy Orton Really on the Verge of Losing?

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    I'm one of the elite few, who prefer John Cena than Randy Orton.

    I at least enjoy some of John Cena's matches, I rarely if at all, enjoy any Randy Orton match.

    I'm along with the few who believe that Randy Orton is nothing like Stone Cold Steve Austin and is in fact quite overrated.

    I can't see Orton losing at Over the limit unless Christian turns heel, which I said previously I can't see happening thus I predict Randy Orton winning.

    Randy Orton will have this title for a long while to come, well until Chris Jericho returns because by that time Orton as Champion will be long over stale..... 

Does Anyone Give a (cue Ron Simmons) Damn About Big Zeke?

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    Ezekiel Jackson like it or not will be pushed as the next big star on Smackdown soon.

    WWE love big guys, and sadly Jackson is a big guy - I always thought he was okay on the mic. 

    However, the past Smackdown saw him cut a promo which was basically a waste of time.

    After a mere few hours of watching Smackdown, I have forget everything he 'claimed' to do.

    Even Big guys who have gone far in the WWE have decent mic skills - Batista....

    Jackson doesn't do anything great in the ring form what I've seen and he isn't that great on the mic.

    So WWE, if your looking for your Main Event Black Star, Big Zeke isn't him - Rather push, Xavier woods, Percy Watson, Michael Tarver or Kofi Kingston.

From Main Event Stardom to Mid-Card Jobber: The Tale of Wade Barrett in WWE

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    I loved the old Nexus as much as the next guy.

    However Wade Barrett has lost all creditability in worked for in 2010 for it to be lost in mere months in 2011.

    The days of Barret beating John Cena seem as long ago as WWWF.

    Wade Barrett and his Intercontinental Championship reign have just proved how WWE muck things up.

    WWE should have booked Wrestlemania as a Tag Team Championship and Intercontinental Championship match. With if the faces won, Kofi would have his Intercontinental Title back and Big Show/Kane would still be champions although if the heels won, Heath Slater/Justin Gabriel would be Tag Champions with Wade Barrett as Intercontinental Champion.   

    Or WWE should have booked Big Show, Kane and Big Zeke against the Corre with the same stipulations.


    WWE screwed up the on thing that was epic in recent years - The season one NXT wrestlers.

Is CM Punk Is Truly Being 'screwed' ?

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    I was never thrilled by Punk being in the Nexus, but many saw it as his second coming of a stable.

    The Nexus is becoming something that everyone who is involved with it becomes pointless.

    Who gives a funk about The New Nexus?

    CM Punk is going down in the an already sunken ship.

    CM Punk, like Bret Hart said is being misused.

    Punk should be in the Title picture with John Cena not the Miz and soon to be Alberto Del Rio - RAW has once again been the wrong place for CM Punk.

Why Is Alberto Del Rio NOT in Sight?

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    WWE's biggest import into the main event scene is not even on the card - I expect a promo and perhaps an impromptu match but WWE should book him in something that shows he is going to be the next star on RAW.

    Alberto Del Rio may attack John Cena after the main event match to direct into their rumored feud or perhaps attacks Rey Rey for the 100th time in his short WWE career.

Is Jack Swagger Going to Turn Face?

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    Jack Swagger turning on Micheal Cole has been teased a few times by WWE but would a face turn really benefit Swagger?

    I haven't seen Swagger as a face but faces are wrestlers who are barely getting pushed to main events. 

    Kofi Kingston and John Morrison are two who come to mind when you think of upper mid-card faces who could main event but being face probably is the reason behind it.

    Swagger most likely can only work up like The Miz, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus. As A HEEL.

Chavo Guerrero Is NO Longer King of the Jobbers

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    One of the biggest questions is; How Did Chavo get out of the hole?

    WWE dug him such a massive whole when he feuded with Hornswoggle.

    Many felt it would leave Chavo as a jobber till he retires - I was a little more optimistic.

    I said, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Mexican fatal four way to see who is the best ever WWE Mexican Superstar.

    Sin Cara

    Alberto Del Rio

    Rey Mysterio

    Chavo Guerrero (on behalf of Eddie)

    Well it seems, ever likely this may happen down the line. 

Sin Cara's PPV Debut Match

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    We are know Sin Cara is likely to win against Chavo Guerrero and I think someone who speaks the same language as Sin Cara will help him make the most out of his chance on the big stage of a WWE PPV.

    Who knows, this may end up being a passing of a torch match and in the end may see Chavo eventually manage Sin Cara till he learns English well enough to cut promos.

    Do You think this is a change of era match?  

Will Any New Feuds Ignite?

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    The Miz has been shooted at by the IWC as this being his final match for a while in the main event title scene and many have wondered what becomes of him now.

    Personally, I think a Miz/ Alex Riley feud is building.

    Miz has been pretty angry at Riley in recent weeks and with the draft drafting Riley to Smackdown - A feud may start with the payoff being ' If Miz wins Riley is still signed to a personal services contract however if Alex Riley wins he is free of being the Miz's personal assistant.' 

John Cena Will Retain but Who Will Challenge Next?

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    Cena retaining isn't anything new.

    But I feel the start of the next feud will take place at Over the Limit for John Cena.

    Alberto Del Rio will probably come out and attack Cena indicating a series of matches down the line concluding at Summerslam.

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    I usually post a picture of a great looking girl.

    But I couldn't today....

    RIP Macho