Baltimore Orioles: Fan Catches Three Foul Balls at Camden Yards

Adam BernacchioAnalyst IIIMay 14, 2011

Camden Yards
Camden Yards

The other night I was watching SportsCenter and saw that a fan during the Baltimore OriolesSeattle Mariners game at Camden Yards caught three foul balls during the game.

When I saw the highlight of the third foul ball and the person who caught it, I thought to myself, "That person looks awfully familiar."

The person who caught the three foul balls was none other than Zack Hample. Hample, for those of you who are not familiar, has caught over 4,900 baseballs at major league parks since 1990. He has also written three books, two of which are about how to catch balls at a baseball game and watch the game smarter.

And oh yeah, he was the shortstop for one season on my summer league team when I was in high school.

Myself and the rest of our teammates found out real quickly that Zack ate, slept and breathed baseball, but I don’t think any of us thought Zack would be that guy who caught baseballs for a living.

That was about 17 years ago and it’s amazing to how people turn out and you see what they do for a living. I didn’t know catching balls during batting practice was a profession, but then again, I didn’t know that eating bull testicles on a reality show was a profession, either, but I guess you can turn anything into a career these days.