Flyers Need Answers Quick

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst IOctober 17, 2008

The first four games of the season for the Flyers have been an utter disaster. It seems as if they are out of the game as soon as the initial face off occurs. Fans should begin to worry when the team holds a captains only meeting with coach Stevens,  wait that happened after last nights game. Coach Stevens will have a meeting today with numerous players to try and come up with a solution to this slowly leaking problem.

One of the possible solutions that is being thrown around is some line movement. Even though the first unit seems to be off to a very good start, that might give the Flyers the perfect opportunity to move them around. One of those changes could be moving Mike Richards to center the second line, bumping Jeff Carter to the third line. This might be a move that the Flyers should consider to maybe produce goals from other than the first line.

If somebody asked me right now is the biggest dissapointment through four games, I would tell them Joffrey Lupul. I really had high hopes for him coming into the season thinking that he could tally 30 goals for the club. But Loops seems to be having an issue controlling the puck and even finding the puck. Honestly, I can't point fingers at one guy because it takes a team let-down to be win less in the first four games.

After last nights game, Coach John Stevens was steamed to say the least. “There’s no secret, we got outworked,” Stevens said. “When you do all the little things so poorly, we ended up being a very easy team to play against and they took advantage of it. They’re a desperate team; they hadn’t won a game yet, either. And they come out and get every loose puck, every board battle, every puck recovery. It was lopsided tonight and you can’t win a hockey game like that. Period.” Those are bad words to hear four games in that the club got outworked.

The Flyers better find answers quick or this could get significantly worse before it gets a little better.


On the injury end of things for the Flyers. Good news came out of the Flyers medical team yesterday: Randy Jones who was initially out between 12-14 weeks, found out after surgery that the injury was not as bad as first thought. Jones could now miss up to 9 weeks. Good news for this defense team who has been less than stellar through four.