Boxing: In Defeat, Shane Mosley Diverts to PEDs Accusation

Jess Matthew Beltran@sportsalchemistCorrespondent IIMay 13, 2011

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 07:  Shane Mosley (R) talks to his trainer Naazim Richardson between roundsduring the WBO welterweight title fight against Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Garden Arena May 7, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pacquiao retained his title with a unanimous-decision victory.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"There is no defeat, except for those who give up."

—Joseph B. Wirthlin

The 39-year-old veteran Shane Mosley fought Manny Pacquiao last May 7 to survive. He was never in the ring to win after a devastating left straight floored him in the third round. It was a one-sided fight all throughout.

It is human nature to survive, and Mosley was only following what his instincts have told him. However, it was unlikely for a former champion to strike with a low blow. No, it didn’t happen while they were in the ring but outside of it.

On May 12, Mosley posted a two-part tweet which stated, "Pacquiao ex-sparring partner came out a couple days ago stating that he would inject him w steroids - since Ricky fight look that up. These are not my words it comes from a article And his sparring partner but if it is true!!!! Than what do you say please google."

The article, which has no author, cites an anonymous Filipino ex-sparring partner who claims to have injected Pacquiao numerous times with steroids, HGH and insulin throughout his career, stopping until his 2010 fight with Miguel Cotto. The dubious piece can be found here. For further clarification, Pacquiao has never been caught with PED's and came back clean following his win over Mosley, according to ESPN.

I wasn't surprised that someone could make up such stories and fabrications on the 'net. When you are on the top, a lot of people will praise and worship you. However, there will be people who will try to pull you down and discredit all your achievements.

However, I was shocked to know Mosley could resort to that. He was always gracious in defeat and has been in the business for years. Everybody knows about the BALCO incident where Shane admitted to using steroids. He had been on that cycle for so long, with people raising eyebrows whenever he wins a fight. He knows how it feels to be on that spot but the difference between him and Manny is that Manny has never been proven guilty.

For years, Manny never had a Filipino sparring partner. Basically, there is no prominent Filipino boxer who has the same weight level as Manny who could give him a real workout. And why was an anonymous article with no backing given so much importance by Mosley? It’s because in the brink of defeat, Mosley had to cover up his lackluster performance.

Mosley had to make an excuse on why he opted to survive and not to win. And when there was no explanation to think of, he looked for something to justify everything. Anyone could write fabrications and stories in this new technology world. However, before jumping to conclusions, you also have to look for credibility and substance. Either that, or you’re just one of the thousands of people who believed they won an email lottery only to find out they have given out personal information to hackers.

Mosley thought he could persuade everybody and divert his no-show fight to a PEDs accusation. However, everything backfired. The truth is, he was just a defeated fighter who was a shell of his once self.

The old man fears defeat because of pride—he fears "failing himself."