Dirk Nowitzki: Song and Dance Tributes

Stan Silliman@@stansillimanCorrespondent IIMay 14, 2011

Dirk Nowitzki: Song and Dance Tributes

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    Dirk Nowitzki has serious game.

    Everything else about him, not so much.

    He's fun loving, shaggy, gawky and... Dirky. Ripe for parodies, songs, dances and lots of love from his fans.

    We've scoured the net for Dirk fans and their nutty adoration. Many, many Dirk fans love his Dirkiness, call him Dirkalicious, the Dirkster, Dirk Dagger.

    So here's a Dirkathon of songs, videos and dances,  Are you ready to get your Dirk on?

Dancing Dirk Dolls Are Really Dirky

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    Watch these Dirk Dolls dance.

    Only problem, the dolls have more muscle tone than the real Dirk.

Now the Real Dirk Dances

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    Is "Dancing With the Stars" in Dirk's future?

Dirk Song by Ben Rogers

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    Ben Rogers does a Dirk song with a reggae beat.

Kim and Mark Dirk Up Their Inner Johnny Cash

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    Here's a Dirk dedication with sharp guitars and a Johnny Cash sound.

    Kim from Garland and Mark Lynn from Royce City, Texas composed new lyrics to "Folsom Prison"

    Something like this (with a lot left out):

    "I've seen that Dirk a running

    He's running down the court

    He's got the crowd a standing

    And they're starting to roar

    We like to see Dirk scoring

    He's our MVP

    He keeps the Mavericks moving

    His name is... Dirk Nowitzki"


    "When Dirk was just a baby

    His mama told him "Son

    You're going to be an all-star

    Number Forty-One

    We all love Dirk Nowitzki

    We love to watch him score"

The Ballad of Dirk Nowitzki

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    Kim and Mark are back with several friends for a bluegrass ballad to Dirk.

    If you ask me, there's too many instruments but, at least, you can read the lyrics. Good thing, because they're a little tough to hear.

Dirk and Tyson Messing Around

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    Funny mix by Haden1989 featuring Nowitzki and Chandler messing around. That's $30 million of salary in this video.

German Deejay Flula Does a Dirk Dedication

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    Hilarious video by Flula Borg. "Heez ze German Moses."

    Did you get enough Dirk songs and dances?


    I agree. There's always room for more Dirk. If you find anything of quality, send it to me.