Lebron James Apology to Cleveland Fans: Too Little, Too Early

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Lebron James Apology to Cleveland Fans: Too Little, Too Early
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After the Miami Heat dismissed the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Semifinals on Wednesday, Miami superstar Lebron James declared the season over. That's right. Miami has won. They beat the Celtics. Apparently, THAT is the ultimate goal. Not winning the NBA Championship. Who knew?

So Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer,and Joakim Noah can go home now. Because the season is over. Lebron has spoken. He's issued his apology to the Cleveland fans, while getting in a little "I told you so". So the season must be over, right?

So Don't bother Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Forget about it Dirk. You guys are done. Just go home.

Now look, before the season started, I even said "just hand them the trophy now." Am I shocked that the Heat are where they are? No. Do I think they will win it all? Absolutely. I have said that all year, even when they could not beat Boston. I said "wait until the playoffs." And I still believe that.

But just for the heck of it Lebron, can you wait until AFTER you win the Championship to celebrate?

All you are doing is giving the other three teams still playing even more incentive. And this just in, these teams are pretty good. The last thing you need is to do make them feel like you don't take them seriously.

I think it's nice that you feel bad about what you did to the fans in Cleveland. You ripped their hearts out in front of the whole world. That was just wrong. You don't break up with your girl in front of all her friends and family. You do it in private.

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Apologizing to her after you dumped her is nice too. But you probably shouldn't throw it in her face how you were right to do it because you are so much better off with your new girl. This is especially true if you have not yet married your new girl. Because she still has options.

Miami has not won anything. If they crap out now, they will have gotten no further than several Cleveland teams did under Lebron. Cleveland fans will then be able to say "you told us what?"

And why is beating Boston the ultimate prize? Yeah you lost to them last year. But correct me if I'm wrong, didn't Orlando knock you out two years ago? OK you got knocked out by Boston in '08, but in '07 you got knocked out by San Antonio. In '06 you got knocked out by the Pistons. So it's not like you're the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers here.

Here's a thought, you went to Miami to win the championship, right? How about you win it first. Then if you want to say 'I told you so" those of us who criticized you will admit that you were right, even if a bit cruel. I've thought it all along.

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