Yo Tony Romo, Are You In Or Are You Out?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 17, 2008

As you all know by seeing Sportscenter Monday morning Tony Romo is hurt, a pinkie injury to be precise, but we all thought he would stay down for a few weeks, it takes a average of 4 weeks to recover from it, at least that is what the Cowboys expect.

And we all thought we would see the only Cowboy with a Super Bowl ring, Brad Johnson Sunday. But those plans have almost changed, Tuesday Romo was out throwing passes and Wednesday says he is ready to play Sunday.

Is he absolutely nuts? Brad Johnson is a proven guy, stay down Romo, you could make your injury worse and be out the entire season instead of just a few weeks, Romo would only miss 3 games, considering the Cowboys bye week. And it doesn't look as if their schedule is looking to bad for him to be out.

If he comes in not only is he risking injury, but also risking the game and season for the Cowboys. Wade Phillips, being the lapdog to Jerry Jones has said its up to him on the decision. And Jones could let him play, so we may see Romo Sunday.

Basically the plan would be to start him and if doesn't do well early, pull him. Which is a good idea, but also stupid. I know Romo wants to be like his idol Bret Favre, the ironman, but Bret was a special kind of player that quite frankly your not Romo, sorry.

I aslo know you want to be a hero to the Cowboys organization, suck up the pain and play. But risking further injury is nothing to play with, its either you swim or drown on Sunday.

Meanwhile you have Brad Johnson, a perfectly good QB, who stepped in for Daunte Culpepper and Warren Moon, not to mention has a Super Bowl ring that you don't Tony Romo.

So starting Johnson would be the smart idea, but you are the Cowboys and being smart is not your forte, so I guess we will have to see Sunday.