WWE: Thank You Vince McMahon and WWE for Giving Christian the Title

Jordan WallingContributor IMay 13, 2011

image from wwe.com
image from wwe.com

Thank you, WWE, for your loyalty to Edge and your promise to him about Christian. Thank you sincerely.

I would rather have Christian be a five-day champion than for the WWE to give the title to Randy Orton another way without Christian having any title run.

So as much as I would have loved to see a long reign for Captain Charisma, his time will still come. It just wasn't in the cards right now.

I will trust in the genius of the world's greatest wrestling mind and hope that Vince McMahon grants the IWC wish and that Christian gets another real run with the gold. 

Until then, Christian will keep on working and keep on entertaining. He will keep putting on great matches and working great shows, putting his body at risk to show his love for us fans.

One thing is for sure: Christian will battle on, and when enough blood fills his eyes and enough bones are broken, Christian will push past the pain and the mediocrity all the way back into the main event matches and, god willing, be WWE champion. He will do this because he is Christian, the instant classic, and that's how he rolls.

Thank you, Christian, for all that you do. Everything happens for a reason, and even if we can't see what that is now, it doesn't matter. Your day is near.