WWE Superstar Zack Ryder: The Curious Case of the Internet Champion

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIMay 13, 2011

When I think of great champions over the past few years in WWE, I think of guys like The Rock, Stone Cold, John Cena, Chris Jericho, Edge, Batista and many others. They all had a great following behind them and were highly used on TV every week they were healthy. Why? Because fans wanted to see them.

Zack Ryder, current WWE Superstar, doesn't fall under that great champion category. Why am I even writing about the Long Island native, you ask? Well, because people want to see Ryder, yet WWE doesn't give it to them.

Ryder's YouTube videos have gone viral, so much so that they have garnered millions of views. One would think that if a million people are watching something involving Zack Ryder, they were interested in seeing him.

This is why I am somewhat aggravated in all of this, because when fans want something, they are supposed to get it. It's just business, right, Vinny Mac?

Ryder has done something that very few have done in that he has gotten himself over without the help of WWE management. This isn't always a wonderful thing, but those who have gotten over still get featured on WWE programming, i.e. Daniel Bryan.

Do you all remember the story of Daniel Bryan?

During the Nexus story line, something called Tiegate broke out. Bryan went over to announcer Justin Roberts and took his shirt and tie off and began to choke the announcer with the tie. Just about every fan thought this was freakin' awesome!

But it resulted in Daniel Bryan, more so known to Internet fans by his real name Bryan Danielson, getting his walking papers from the WWE.

This sent outrage throughout the Internet Wrestling Community, and all blasted WWE for the release. This led to petitions to get him back into WWE. All of a sudden, WWE brought back the American Dragon at SummerSlam just a few months after his release.

WWE management knew it made a mistake and brought him back in the main event to get fans happy again. Then they allowed Bryan to win the United States Championship. He held that title for months before losing it to Sheamus.

My point is, when fans want something, Vince McMahon usually gives it to them. Fans have been crying out for WWE to feature Zack Ryder on TV for some time, yet he has been pushed to the background and given small TV time.

At one point, Ryder was the No. 1 Contender for the WWE Championship, and he took then-ECW Champion Christian to the limit, almost capturing the gold from him. He is a former tag team champion and has proven his worth in singles.

Yet he is not even featured on RAW in a match or two?

Can anyone other than Ryder tell me the last time Ryder had a singles match on RAW? Anyone? Hell, I think Ryder doesn't even know.

I get it, WWE. You need people for WWE Superstars, but I guess you forgot it got canceled in America—you know, that big hunk of land you're based in?

So unless we go to WWE.com or YouTube, we can't get our Ryder fix match-wise.

This is very sad, WWE.

You're the people who feature Great Khali and his miserable performing seemingly weekly on WWE programming. But Zack Ryder can't get a match on RAW? Really?

I guess you haven't noticed the numerous Zack Ryder signs every week on RAW either.

Vince, I thought one of your mottoes was give the people want they want, and the other is anything for the good of the business. I have put a simple formula together for you.

Zack Ryder + Weekly RAW matches = Good Business.

I don't think I can make it any easier, WWE! This is first grade math; why can't you seem to get it? It's not calculus.

Ryder has good mic ability, a good gimmick and good in-ring skill. That makes the all-around WWE Superstar, right?

Vince, we fans of Ryder, the growing fans, will continue to support our boy from Long Island. I remember there was one guy you took a chance on from Long Island, and he turned out to be a legend to all of wrestling "mankind."

I will close in saying once again, GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!! And what we want is Zack Ryder.


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