It's Raining...Again

Kelly CrandallSenior Writer IOctober 17, 2008

Mother Nature is up to her old tricks again.

After seeing Sprint Cup qualifying rained out for the eighth time last weekend in Lowe's, we head to Martinsville and a very important Friday at the paper-clipped track.

Practice was scheduled to start at 11:30 am and qualifying is scheduled for later today at 3:30 pm.

Well, cross your fingers because the rain is falling, falling, falling and practice has already been delayed.

If qualifying is rained out again, that will once again put Jimmie Johnson on the pole and give him the all important pit selection at this tight track. Good news for Johnson and company, bad news for everyone else

NASCAR-it's time to have a plan B when Mother Nature decides to rear her ugly head. Awarding the pole based on points will continually give an unfair advantage to the point leader when trying to win a championship, he has the inside line and best chance to lead the first lap.

Why is that bad?

You should make them work for it. That's what makes qualifying that much more important when it comes to where each of the Chasers will start.

It also sends the go-or-go-home cars, well, home. They don't even have a chance to fight for their spot.

Here's my solution which will probably never be put into place.

If the drivers have to randomly draw numbers in the order they will go out and qualify, then if it rains, make them go back and redraw numbers to see where they will start. It's random and much better than handing them a starting position and slight advantage.

As for the go or go home cars, if it rains, then the fastest cars between them from practice make the show. If practice is cancelled too, then the car who has made the most amount of attempts to race this year gets to race.

This way, it makes Friday that much more exciting for the fans instead of having to turn on the TV and watch the rain fall.

And, it wouldn't hurt to televise the drawing make it like a game show: OK, [insert driver here] Come on Down!

But for now, the only thing coming down is the rain in Martinsville.