College Football 2011: Hottest Coeds of the New Big 12

Scott HowardContributor IMay 13, 2011

College Football 2011: Hottest Coeds of the New Big 12

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    People complain about how confusing the BCS is since they can't possibly understand the computer calculations that go into determining the rankings. Heck, even Albert Einstein would be scratching his head.

    It doesn't help matters when NCAA conferences gain and lose teams, which makes the conference names useless and misleading.

    Now that Nebraska and Colorado have left the Big 12, the conference only has 10 teams. Coincidentally, with the arrival of Nebraska, the Big Ten now has 12 football teams.

    So technically, the Big 12 should be the Big Ten and the Big Ten should be the Big 12, but we wouldn't want to confuse people, now would we?

    All that aside, there is some good news. The coeds are still hot. Here's a look at the hottest cheerleaders and fans of the new Big 12.

10. Iowa State University

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    Iowa State is generally not very good at football. They did make the Insight Bowl in 2009 despite going 6-6, and the last time they won a conference championship was 1912.

    Luckily their cheerleaders make up for their futility.

10. Iowa State University

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    Iowa State fans are mostly in-state. Famous football alumni include quarterback Sage Rosenfels and quarterback/receiver Seneca Wallace.

    With the passion these girls show, maybe they should put on the Cyclone uniform. Speaking of "Cyclone," can't you just see these girls dancing to the Baby Bash song at a bar after a big win?

    Aaaaah, college.

9. Kansas State University

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    Kansas State generally has a pretty competitive football team. They made it to the much-heralded Pinstripe Bowl last season, but lost to Syracuse in a shootout, 36-34.

    These girls look like basketball cheerleaders, but if the girls (and the uniforms) are similar for football, you can count me in.

9. Kansas State University

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    So I'm told by my incredibly reliable nameless Internet sources that these are Kansas State cheerleaders dressed up for Halloween, so we're just going to go with it.

    Famous Kansas State football alumni include immortal quarterbacks Lynn Dickey and Steve Grogan. Tiger Woods' dad Earl also went there, but that really has nothing to do with football.

8. University of Kansas

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    Kansas football had a strong year in 2007 under the guidance of Peter Griffin look-alike Mark Mangino, making it to a BCS bowl game where they beat No. 5 Virginia Tech.

    Since then, they've fallen on hard times, however, going 3-9 in 2010.

    There's nothing like cheerleaders like this to help pick you back up again. 

8. University of Kansas

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    Here's a trio of what I'm told are Kansas cheerleaders on a river rafting trip of some kind. The girl in the middle is wearing a Kansas hat, so that's good enough for me.

    Are you seeing those abs? Now that's a Situation.

    Kansas currently has 12 players in the NFL and famous football alumni include Hall of Famers Gayle Sayers, Mike McCormack and John Riggins.

7. University of Missouri

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    Missouri has had a solid football program for the past six years and they finished with a strong 10-3 record last season.

    That earned them a trip to the Insight Bowl, where they lost to Iowa, 27-24.

7. University of Missouri

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    Clearly Missouri fans get very excited for games. And they protect their eyes from the sun with either a classic Missouri hat or a pair of neon green sunglasses.

    Famous football alumni from Missouri include Hall of Famers Kellen Winslow Sr. and Roger Wehrli.

6. Baylor University

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    Baylor's football program took a huge step forward in 2010 when they reached the Top 25 for the first time since 1993.

    The ranking didn't last, but the Bears finished with a record of 7-5, good enough to earn them their first bowl game appearance since 1994.

6. Baylor University

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    Yes, I have it on good authority that this young lady is a graduate of Baylor University. Although I doubt that's the first thing that you thought of.

    Other famous Baylor alumni include placekicker Matt Bryant and Hall of Fame player-turned-crazy coach Mike Singletary.

5. Oklahoma State University

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    DALLAS - MARCH 10:  A cheerleader of the Oklahoma State Cowboys entertains fans during a break in game action against the Kansas Jayhawks during the quarterfinals round of the Phillips 66 Big 12 Men's Basketball Championship Tournament at American Airline
    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    When we get to Oklahoma, that means we're getting closer to Texas, and that's always a good thing in terms of girls.

    Oklahoma State is coming off of its best football season in school history, finishing with a record of 11-2 overall and 6-2 in conference. They put a 36-10 thumping on Arizona in the Alamo Bowl, so they'll be looking to keep the momentum going in 2011.

5. Oklahoma State University

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    This lady can't be a recent alum (if she's an alum at all), but she certainly bleeds OSU colors.

    Famous football alumni from Oklahoma State include the one and only Barry Sanders and young Cowboys star Dez Bryant, who can't seem to keep his pants off the ground.

4. Texas A&M University

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    KANSAS CITY, MO - MARCH 13:  The Texas A&M Aggies cheerleaders dance during a timeout in the game against the Iowa State Cyclones on day 1 of the Big 12 Men's Basketball Tournament on March 13, 2008 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo b
    Jamie Squire/Getty Images

    For those of you that don't know (I was always curious myself), A&M stands for Agricultural and Mechanical...although the school is no longer either agricultural or mechanical.

    The Aggies haven't won a conference championship since 1998, but they did share the South Division title last year with a conference record of 6-2 (9-3 overall).

    They lost their fifth straight bowl game last year in the Cotton Bowl Classic, 41-24, to LSU.

4. Texas A&M University

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    The A&M should stand for "Amanda" and "Michelle," which are the names that I've bestowed upon these two hot Aggie coeds.

    Other famous alumni include coaching legend Paul "Bear" Bryant and Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak.

3. University of Oklahoma

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    The University of Oklahoma is a perennial power with seven Big 12 titles in the last 11 seasons.

    Last year, they bounced back from an injury-plagued 2009 season to win the Big 12 and destroy UConn in the Fiesta Bowl, 48-20.

    Look for the Sooners to be at the top of the pack in the new Big 12 this season. 

3. University of Oklahoma

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    Personally, I think this girl gets way too much airtime, so I've decided to go with some Oklahoma fans that look like real students.

    They also look like they're really good friends.

    Famous alumni from Oklahoma include Rams quarterback Sam Bradford and the original Stone Cold, Mr. Brian Bosworth.

2. Texas Tech University

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    JACKSONVILLE, FL - JANUARY 01:  A cheerleader for the Texas Tech Red Raiders performs during the Gator Bowl at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on January 1, 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
    Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

    In 2008, the Texas Tech football team tied for the conference title with an overall record of 11-2 and finished ranked No. 12 in the country.

    Since then, it's gone downhill, as the Red Raiders finished at 8-5 overall and fifth in the conference last season. They did beat Northwestern, 45-38, in the TicketCity Bowl to conclude the season.

2. Texas Tech University

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    This is supposedly the Texas Tech women's swim team from 2004. If that's true, I would immediately like to volunteer my services to become head recruiter for Red Raider swimming.

    Besides these girls, famous alumni include 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree and Patriots receiver Wes Welker.

1. University of Texas

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    There were many Texas cheerleaders worthy of gracing this slide, but we decided to go with this one. I recommend a quick Google Image search to check out the competition.

    Texas is always a power in the Big 12, picking up conference championships in 1996, 2002 and 2009.

    Last season, they had a down year and finished at 5-7 overall (2-6 in conference), but you can never count the Longhorns out of title contention.

1. University of Texas

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    Again, plenty of competition here. But I decided to go with these two because they look

    Texas has plenty of famous football alumni, but recent ones include Vince Young (who led UT to the 2005 national championship by defeating top-ranked USC) and running back Ricky Williams.