Browns Face Another Must-Win Game

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2008

The win against the defending champions was wonderful. It infused hope and momentum in the team, as well as the fans. It was a dominant performance by a team that many, including this writer, had given up on.

It was a must-win that entitles this team to play another. Yes, this game must be won or the last win becomes nothing but a fun Sunday. That is the situation the Browns are in due to their poor play prior to the win, the strength of the Steelers, and the schedule that lies before them.

That dour outlook aside, the Browns are very capable of beating the Washington Redskins. They will, first, have to stop their running game. The 'Skins are a run-first team, a fact that I believe plays well to the Browns' defense. Washington averages 152 yards per game on the ground.

They won't get that Sunday. I predict the Browns will stuff the run. The giant nose tackle in the orange helmet will have a lot to do with it.

If that prediction proves correct, it will then be up to the secondary. The defensive backs have played better than expected, and I see no reason that they won't continue after the heartening win.

If the Redskins' rushing yards are down, they will not get the 21 points that they've averaged this year. The Browns will beat a team that doesn't score three touchdowns.


Prediction: Browns 27-Redskins 17