Observations from Week One of the NHL Season

Nelson SantosCorrespondent IJune 24, 2016

Barry Trotz and the Nashville Predators are 2-2-0 despite more adversity. Very little news has been positive out of the “Music City” in the last few years. Over the summer they lost Alexander Radulov to the KHL, and yet Trotz seems to get his ducks in a row and keep the Predators respectable. Has anyone thought of Trotz for Team Canada 2010?


Watching the Chicago Blackhawks' early season struggles I noticed Dustin Byfuglien is truly a poor hockey player. He is a giant of a man and has a hard shot, presuming he has the 10 seconds he needs to release it. He simply does not fit the up-tempo game the ‘Hawks will want to play. Hopefully Quenneville sees what Savard didn’t. Jack Skille needs to be moved up the depth chart.


The Washington Capitals will need to score a lot of goals if they hope to win with Jose Theodore in goal. Jose has great hair and apparently a great agent. I can’t understand how this guy not only finds starting jobs, but gets paid quite well to do so.


The Montreal Canadiens are fast and skilled, but it seems they can only score when they have the man advantage. You live by the power play, you die by the power play. Carey Price is on his way to becoming the most overrated goaltender in hockey history. I just don’t see what all the praise is about.


The Sedins finally have the big, strong right-handed shooting net presence in Steve Bernier, yet in the first four games they have hardly looked his way.


Many of the Philadelphia Flyers players look very tentative. One wonders if the expectations of success are weighing on them. Martin Biron sure looks shaky in goal.

Only bright spots have been Gagne’s return with four goals in four games and Luca Sbisa has been a pleasant surprise on the back-end.


We’ve heard of the Stanley Cup hangover. The phrase "finalist hangover" may have to start being used more often. Pittsburgh looks tired and uninterested early on. Missing Gonchar and Whitney surely hasn’t helped.


It's early on in the season, but trends can happen early and carry on all season long.