New York Rangers: Sean Avery Sets off Firestorm with Comments About Gays

Warren ShawCorrespondent IIMay 12, 2011

Sean Avery - New York Rangers
Sean Avery - New York RangersAl Bello/Getty Images

Sean Avery should be officially crowned the NHL’s No. 1 bad boy.  It really doesn’t matter what side he takes in an argument—whichever side he’s on will be wrong according to some.

Many fans remember Sean’s distasteful comments about his ex-girlfriend being "sloppy seconds" when he played for the Dallas Stars organization.

Avery was quickly dispatched to the New York Rangers and earned a spot on the team with his well-known aggressive play and fiery disposition.

The associated Press reported that Avery was recently criticized by player agent Todd Reynolds for his comments concerning same gender marriage.

According to the AP, Avery's support for same-sex marriage has drawn fire from hockey agent Todd Reynolds.

"Very sad to read Sean Avery's misguided support of same-gender 'marriage.' Legal or not, it will always be wrong," tweeted Reynolds. He's the vice president of Ontario-based Uptown Sports Management, which counts Chris Neil, Cody McCormick and Mike Fisher among its hockey clients.”

"I believe in voicing your opinion and not being part of the silent majority. If Sean Avery or any other player can comment on one side of the discussion then—I work in hockey, I'm in hockey 24/7—why can I not comment on it as well?," he said 

Avery, the New York Rangers' super agitator stated his support for same-sex marriage in a video that is part of the New Yorkers for Marriage Equality campaign, organized by gay-rights organization Human Rights Campaign the report went on to say.

"I'm Sean Avery and I'm a New Yorker for Marriage Equality. I treat everyone the way I expect to be treated and that applies to marriage," Avery says in the video.

He also said, "Committed couples should be able to marry the person they love," he adds. "Join me in supporting marriage equality."

Reynolds also tweeted: "But I believe in the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. This is my personal viewpoint. I Do not hate anyone."

Others notables who have taken part in the marriage equality videos include former president Bill Clinton, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and actors Julianne Moore and Sam Waterston.

Avery’s comments were unique in the world of hockey where little is spoken about homosexuality.

His support of gay rights initiatives are rare in a game that is known for its toughness and macho image.

It should be acknowledged that no other players agent offered commentary about Avery’s opinion.

The world of sports where billions are made projecting machismo and testosterone has stayed away from subjects related to gay lifestyles although statistically they have to exist.

it does not matter whether it is baseball, basketball, football or hockey such conversation is simply not present. 

Avery's comments reflect a different side of him than the tough-as-nails agitator ands womanizer the media has crafted him to be over the years.

Now if only he can help lead the Rangers further into the playoffs next season.