Jenn Sterger Goes to Bat for Tampa Youth During Chevrolet's Diamonds & Dreams

Bailey BrautiganFeatured ColumnistMay 12, 2011

Model, actress and sports personality Jenn Sterger is proving that she's not just another pretty face with her involvement in Chevrolet's Diamonds & Dreams—a giveaway benefiting the little sluggers all across the country.

Chevy is giving away 100 prizes including field makeovers, clinics and equipment packages to participants whose youth baseball programs and facilities need a little extra help.

Diamonds & Dreams will be accepting entries until May 31, but today Sterger is very busy campaigning for her charity of choice: The Boys and Girls Club of Tampa.

For 24 hours, each unique re-tweet of Sterger's #Playcatch tweet will count as one ball for this charity. She can earn as many as 100 and the number of retweets she can accumulate during this 24-hour period will determine which of these awesome prizes will be heading on down to Tampa.

Sterger discussed her love of America's pastime on Facebook earlier today and she credits the late Florida State "super-fan" Drew Hankin as the person who most fostered her interest (and later fandom) in baseball:

"This past January I lost the man that taught me to love the game of baseball. In Spring of 2006, I was approached by Drew Hankin, Zookeeper of the legendary Animals of Section B, to join them for the Florida State baseball series against our arch rival the Florida Gators. Though that game was called on account of lighting strikes in the area, the few innings we did play were the innings where I can honestly say I fell in love with America's favorite past time. It was no wonder so many people consider Drew as one of college baseball’s greatest ambassadors."

As Americans, we are all born with special places in our hearts carved out specifically for baseball. It's in our blood to crave Stadium Mustard in the summertime, and we know every word to Take Me Out to the Ballgame even before we reach our first seventh-inning stretch.

Unfortunately, many youngsters these days don't have access to the quality facilities and equipment needed to really play and enjoy the game of baseball, but that's where Chevrolet and Jenn Sterger come in! Take a look at the video above to see the impact of last year's Diamonds & Dreams.

 (It's OK to get a little choked up...we all did.)