Will PacMan Jones Return To Pro-Wrestling?

jason savageCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2008

Now that Adam "PacMan" Jones has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL will he return to the world of steel chairs and spandex? 

Perhaps he would like to; his life is already a soap opera, and I'm sure the money he would get to wrestle would be good.

But with all his off-the-field problems, would a promotion like the WWE or TNA even want him?

Sure, it would get some mainstream headlines for WWE or TNA, like it did when he wrestled in TNA last year, but would anything longer than a few months' storyline/contract be worth it?

It seems he can't go longer than six weeks without self-destructing.

Maybe being on the receiving end of a good piledriver would get the blood rushing back to the part of the brain that makes good decisions!