Tiger Woods Withdraws from Players Championship: Is This Rock Bottom?

WesAnalyst IMay 12, 2011

It would only get worse from here.
It would only get worse from here.Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

People usually need to hit rock bottom before they admit to having a problem.

Tiger Woods' front-nine 42 at The Players Championship Thursday and subsequent withdrawal will hopefully be the low point of his professional career and finally open his eyes to his many problems.

How many interviews is Tiger going to give where he acts like things aren't too far away and his game isn't too bad, only to go out there and look like a shell of himself?

And before you say, "Well, he does have two top-10s this year," please don't waste space.

Tiger Woods should be racking up top-10s like you rack up double bogeys at your local club. And more importantly, he should be winning tournaments.

This is the same guy who, in 2009, won six events and finished with 14 top-10s.

He is the same player that we all wondered when he would pass Jack's 18 majors. Not if.

Right now, we have to wonder when his next PGA Tour win will come and forget about him winning a major.

He needs to come out and tell the world his game stinks. He has to admit he has no idea where he's hitting the ball, he can't putt worth a lick and his swing instructor Sean Foley is a joke.

Go back to Titleist or Mizuno and go back to the old Scotty. And once you've made the superficial changes, suck it up and go back to Butch with your tail between your legs begging for him to take you back.

Because, after you hit rock bottom, you need to admit what the problems are and begin to move on.