Because This Has Taken My Entire Afternoon+

Ellie SContributor IOctober 16, 2008

I thought I would share my paragraph about Shea Stadium for English class. I mean, it has taken up my life for the past 2 afternoons and I really like it.


An aura of energy takes over as I approach the gargantuan royal blue stadium. I am in cruise control but my eyes wander. The washed out white paint screams Shea Stadium with the uppercase letters on the front below the overhang. The smell of hotdogs, peanuts, cotton candy, ice cream, and so much more engulfs me into a new world. I can see every blade of grass in the green checkered infield, with the pitchers mound like a hill for a king to stand on right in the center, with the oversized scoreboard shining in the background. The crowd buzzes as the Mets take the field. Cheers and groans come with each pitch. My heart races with the baseball when the foul ball is hit in my direction. The clap of the ball hitting my mitt sends a sting down my arm. The baseball is smooth with the raised red stitches perfectly sewn into the leather. It’s white, but tinted with dirt and streaked gray where the bat hit it. The lemonade tastes sour, and yet, so sweet on this chilly April night.


Just thought it would be something interesting to post. It is kind of like my final farewell to the stadium. Although, I will never truly be able to Shea goodbye.

Let's Go Mets!