Whitmarsh Displeased with Hamilton Racing Teammate Button, Ruining His Pirellis.

Barry RosenbergContributor IIMay 12, 2011

Martin Whitmarsh advises Lewis Hamilton in no uncertain terms.
Martin Whitmarsh advises Lewis Hamilton in no uncertain terms.Clive Mason/Getty Images

Neither Lewis Hamilton nor his McLaren team is perfect, right?

The team boss at McLaren has been critical of his team's darling driver, Lewis Hamilton. Does Hamilton's “big daddy,” Ron Dennis, know about this? Normally the lad is untouchable except with praise. It seems to have been all about those cursed/blessed Pirelli tires.

In the Grand Prix of China, Hamilton had thought ahead and gone easy on his tires. This enabled him to use the blessed side of Pirellis and push hard enough to defeat the seemingly unbeatable Sebastian Vettel. Lewis did not extrapolate that experience into the Turkish Grand Prix.

"We want Lewis to attack but sometimes it does not pay off," said McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh to British Newspapers. He went on, "If you look at Lewis's race pace it was ok later in the race but the tyres are so delicate and if you scrap with others including your own teammate you will damage your tyres. In a race that critical you can't do that."

While Hamilton finished fourth in the race at Istanbul, he could do little other than agree with his boss. Still, as if unable to ever decline any opportunity to praise himself, the lad finished off by saying, "If I hadn't damaged the tyres at the beginning, we would have been a lot closer. "The race is not won at the first two corners. I was impatient and that was my fault,” said the Briton. Then, to remind all of us of his superb ability, he said, “but it was a good recovery.” If ego was talent, Lewis Hamilton would finish every race having lapped the entire field.