Fantasy QB's: Shockers, Steadfasts and Stalwarts

Dan BentonCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2008

As we head into the seventh week of this year's NFL extravaganza festival, we've witnessed our fair share of surprises, shocks, and moments of "wow!"

Youngsters of promise are growing into their roles on the field and as Fantasy Football producers. Some veterans have shown the steadfastness and consistency expected of them, while others cast off their sheep's cloaks, exposing the true wolves that lurk in their soles around the clock.

Some great players of years past are finding their roles dictating less and less touches, while some of star-burst type talent are finding that their path has led to implosion, rather than explosion.

Let's start off with some quarterback surprises, shocks, and steadfastness in this young season of fantasy football.

Tony Romo, the field general of the Dallas Cowboys—a team that many expect to go to the Super Bowl—has not only hit some bumps in the road (and in his own Locker room, Ala Terrell Owens), but was supposed to be forced to watch the next four weeks from the sidelines (or the Owner's box) as he has a broken pinkie on his throwing hand.

Today however, Dallas head coach Wade Phillips, the embodiment of "Goalie!," says that he will not rule out Romo playing this Sunday, as the injured quarterback still participated in a limited capacity in practices this week. That would certainly provide a boost for owners that thought they would have to dump Romo, since he was supposed to be inactive for an extended period of time.

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