WWE's "I Quit" Match: Why John Cena's Favorite Match Is Unfair to Everyone Else

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Do I even need to explain the likelihood of John Cena saying the words "I quit"?

Super-Cena is 3-0 when it comes to the "I Quit" match. For someone who never gives up and never loses matches cleanly, this has to be his favorite stipulation to work under.

But for someone who will never lose a match cleanly and never gives up whatsoever, is this really fair to the other wrestlers?

Everyone else in the WWE locker room has lost a match fair and square, everyone except for John Cena. He'll go one-on-one with The Miz at Over the Limit in an "I Quit" match for the WWE Championship. Last year at the same pay-per-view, Cena defended the WWE Championship against Batista in the same match.

Batista has been gone from the WWE ever since his "I Quit" match with John Cena. He left for many reasons, but I'm sure one of them was that no one would look at him the same way after seeing him say, "I quit."

Cena has been in a program with The Miz and the WWE Championship since February. This will likely be the end of their feud if Cena wins this match. But this won't only be the end of a rivalry.

Unfortunately it will be the end of The Miz as a main-event contender.

No one will take The Miz seriously if he says "I quit." He definitely won't have another program with John Cena, especially when it includes the WWE Championship. He's in a tough spot right now as there's no way around winning this match other than making John Cena say "I quit."

It is possible for heels to win this match.

On an episode of SmackDown in late 2006, Chavo Guerrero—a heel at the time—made Rey Mysterio say "I quit." Mysterio, beloved by the kids like Cena, lost this match fair and square.

There are other ways for heels to win this match as well. At the 1999 Royal Rumble, The Rock defeated Mick Foley in an "I Quit" match. This was of course a screwjob like may of Vince Russo's other brilliant ideas. But Rocky—the top heel at the time—won the match and the WWE Championship.

Maybe there's a way for The Miz to pull a screwjob on Cena. The only way for Cena to lose anyhow is to get screwed, right?

The only conclusion I can come up with myself for this match is to have Cena not answer a 10-count. It might as well be written in stone that Cena will not say "I quit"; that way for Miz to win this match is not at all a possibility. There has to be some way for The Miz to walk out as the WWE Champion whether it's a screwjob or not. It's just impossible for Cena to give up. It will never happen.

Every one of Cena's Fruit Loop colored t-shirts display the phrase, "Never Give Up," which fits his gimmick perfectly. Super-Cena is the guy who, well, never gives up. He's never tapped out to a submission hold and he can't be pinned without his opponent cheating.

So knowing this, how can anyone with a wrestling IQ manage to believe that he'll say "I quit"?

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