FIA: We Knew Nothing About The French Grand Prix Cancellation

Adam PooleAnalyst IOctober 16, 2008

The FIA have proved today how much of a mockery they are making the sport and how out of the loop they really are by actually admitting that they knew nothing about the FFSA's decision to pull financial backing from the Magny-Cours race for 2009.

A provisional calendar for the 2009 Formula One season was approved by the World Motor Sport Council little over a week ago, and yesterday the FFSA announced the French Grand-Prix would have to be cancelled unless it got another financial party to back it.

In a statement released by the FIA they say, "The FIA secretary general has written to the president of the FFSA today to seek an urgent clarification of the situation of the French Grand Prix,  up until today we have heard nothing and we are gravely concerned."

The loss of the French Grand-Prix now means there are only 17 races in next years Formula One calendar with the Canadian race already being pulled earlier this year.

Despite cancelling the 2009 race, the FFSA said it was working on six potential sites to hold the race from 2010 onwards.