UFC News: Georges St-Pierre Confident Vision Will Be 100%

Michael EvansCorrespondent IIIMay 11, 2011

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre defended his title for the sixth consecutive time on April 30 in front of a North American record crowd of 55,000 people.  The feat seems even more impressive when a person factors in the eye injury that he suffered in the first round.  Greg Jackson, one of GSP's trainers, commented after the fight that he was worried about Georges' eye, and was concerned it could be a future problem.

In a recent interview with ESPN.com, St-Pierre said he expects to make a full recovery.  He has admitted he still has blurred vision, but is confident it will only get better with time.

All of the champs' future plans have been put on hold until he can get his present situation resolved, but St-Pierre is determined to be back in the Octagon soon.

St-Pierre stated, "My medical condition is called Hyphema. My vision is still blurry and my eye sensitive but the blood in my eye has now been absorbed. My retina is fine as well and my vision will come back to 100%.

One thing is certain, MMA is better off with St-Pierre.  We can only hope for a speedy recovery.