NBA Draft 2011: Watch Enes Kanter's Workout with Tim Grover

Kevon RobinsonCorrespondent IMay 11, 2011

Enes Kanter is a player that many people don't know, and some even question his ability to become an instant impact player in this draft. In this workout, you see a lot that you don't see from the "typical" European player. Kanter has a great frame and jump shot and actually displays a little athleticism that was considered one of the downfalls to his game.  

This workout makes me think: If Enes Kanter has good workouts from here on to the NBA draft, is there a possibility that a team desperate for a big man will take him No. 1 overall? It is definitely something to think about considering that he looks just like a Turkish version of Al Horford.

So, on that note, can Enes Kanter potentially be a No. 1 overall pick by the time the NBA draft comes around?