Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce and the Top 6 Most Overhyped NBA Playoff Injuries

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistMay 11, 2011

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers just lost their chance at another three-peat. The performance of Pau and Odom didn't help, but was Kobe’s bum ankle also to blame? Or was that "injury" more media-driven then fact-driven? Unlike soccer players, who seemingly always get injured in the final 10 minutes of play up by a goal, basketball players have traditionally been honest and hard-nosed competitors. For the most part. 

Embellished fouls are a common occurrence in the NBA, but faking injuries (especially in the playoffs) is rarely seen by players who pride themselves on their physical conditioning and toughness. Bryant’s injury, and the massive scrutiny of his injury, follows a long line of over-hyped playoff injuries the NBA has had over the last 50 years. 

Who can forget Michael Jordan's flu game of the '97 NBA Finals? The media was in a frenzy about a possible Bulls letdown, but Jordan came through with reportedly god-like talents. Also—all we need to say is two words about the Celtics-Lakers 2008 NBA Finals: Pierce and wheelchair. A wheelchair! 

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