The Future of the Oakland Raiders Rest in the Hands of Its Wide Receivers

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMay 11, 2011

Raiders must improve catching the ball or next season will be a bust.
Raiders must improve catching the ball or next season will be a bust.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

 Not since the glory days of Tim Brown, Jerry Porter and even Ronald Curry have the Oakland Raiders had a great pair of hands. Even now the best receiver on the team is the tight end, Pro Bowler Zach Miller.

The offense of the Oakland Raiders could become unstoppable if they could rely on a solid WR to catch the ball 95% of the time.You need great play calling so the WR's can get open , yet as of late, the Silver and Black have been faltering in the catching area.

 WR Louis Murphy, the leading WR posted 41 receptions for 609 yards.Decent numbers but not great. Murphy only had two touchdowns last season. He dropped 9 passes placing him 4th in the NFL. Still , for the better part of the offense Louis Murphy is a solid no.2 receiver.

 WR Jacoby Ford could become number one. Jacoby is a speedy receiver with great hands. Jacoby Ford is a rookie that simply blew the doors off the Kansas City Chiefs and made a huge name for himself in Oakland. In his first season he had 25 receptions for  470 yards and  2 TDs. 

 Ford can have a great season but must stay consistent. Since the Oakland Raiders have a solid running game with featured RB Darren McFadden, it is likely Ford will get many opportunities to just fly it down to the end zone. The future of Oakland looks bright and Jacoby Ford will be a factor in that success.

 WR and pick number one is Darrius Heyward Bey. Bey is another speedy WR however, he lacks hands. Bey recorded 26 catches for 366 yards. At this point, Bey will really have to step up his game and hopefully Hue Jackson is working with him to get those hands going or he will be out. There are to many WRs in Oakland and some are still hungry. David Ausberry?

The 2011 NFL draft landed two wide receivers. Tennessee WR Denarius Moore and USC WR David Ausberry. Both receivers look promising. Ausberry is a physical player and could possibly replace Bey, who knows? Yet, the fact remains that the Silver and Black needs it receivers to work on catching  more passes.

The Oakland Raiders, Al Davis actually, are looking to get into the playoffs next season. They already know that they can take the AFC West and have retained the defensive front. However, they need to make points and having WRs with hands is key to victories. (By the way, last season, the wrong team represented the AFC West.)

 If Ronald Curry was still around he would have been great to add.  Ronald Curry was the kind of WR that would run between two  players and still catch the ball. Its unfortunate he played at a time when the Raiders were at a low point.

 The Oakland Raiders should look good this season. QB Jason Campbell will be in his second season and is primed  to go. Campbell knows his receivers, their speed and also the timing. Campbell also seems to have a lot of "naysayers". Many feel that he can not take the Silver and Black to the Superbowl.

 Provided the WRs make more catches next season. I believe Jason Campbell can be that guy. He showed last season that when given time in the pocket, he could throw the ball like a dart and on the numbers. It seems that he hasn't really had a home team and just as the Oakland Raiders adopted Rich Gannon. Then this scenario seems familiar to me. Campbell had a QB rating o 84.5, threw for 2387 yards and had 13 TDs. Not bad for a starter.

 The Oakland Raider offense needs some work on the line for next season and the defense is simply impressive. Raider 10 - 6 this season with an 80% chance of taking the Superbowl !!