Rich Rodriguez Is Here to Stay—and I'm Glad

Matt JCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2008

When I turn on the computer and go to my favorite sports page, or turn on the TV to my favorite channel, it seems all I am reading and hearing about is the whining and complaining about Rich Rodriguez.

Well, let me be the first to tell you: He's here to stay—and I am happy knowing that.

When he was first announced as the new head coach, I thought, thank goodness we are getting a top-notch coach who is well liked. That's what just about every Wolverine fan was thinking at the time too, but now probably half of them are complaining about him.

I still support and back RR 100 percent. The man just needs a little time to get it going. I mean, come on—he's been the head coach for only a short time now, and in that short time he has had to install a new offense and get used to all the players.

He also is working with a lot of freshmen in the main positions, which hurts because of their lack of experience. It also doesn't help that Michigan is competing in a top-notch conference in Division I.

If he is given two to three years, he will prove himself as one of the best, and I will be very happy on that day because all those fans will be wondering why they had asked for his firing and whined about him.