NFL Referees: The Corruption of the National Football League

Jason GoldbergContributor IOctober 16, 2008

It all started on the "Snow Bowl" game in the playoffs between the Patriots and Raiders, which started the Pats dynasty. The tuck rule. A rule that has never been used before and now all of a sudden the Patriots were Super Bowl champions.

Ever since then, referees have made too many mistakes blowing calls, and sometimes, its obvious whom they're favoring.

I'm only gonna use a few examples so far from this season (keep in mind it's been six weeks).

We all know the Ed Hochuli game with the Broncos and Chargers. It cost the Chargers a win and now their road to the playoffs will be much harder. The last two weeks, the Vikings have won at the last second on field goals set up on questionable pass-interference calls, and the Lions are still win-less because of it.

In the Cardinals-Cowboys game on Sunday, the tuck rule was used for Tony Romo, only the second time we have ever seen that.

It amazes me how bad some of these calls can be. They end up costing teams games, even seasons. It's unacceptable how many times they blow these calls.

Just look at how many times the replay booth is used.

The NFL needs to look at what the worst part of the league is.

Roger Goodell needs to notice that the NFL's biggest problem is not Pacman Jones or every Bengal player get arrested, but instead, the people that run the games, because sometimes, it's way too ridiculous how much the men in the white and black can screw up.