Washington Redskins: Predicting 2011 Statistics for Redskins' Offensive Players

Josh McCainSenior Writer IMay 12, 2011

Washington Redskins: Predicting 2011 Statistics for Redskins' Offensive Players

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    With the NFL seemingly shut down do to its self-imposed lockout, there isn't much to talk about.

    After all, teams can't sign any free agents, they can't make any trades, players can't come in to work out and coaches can't gather them up for practice.

    With all this nothingness going on, the mind begins to wander and wonder up the upcoming season.

    I've taken the time to look at last year's stats and records as well as this year's additions and schedule, and I have come up with my predictions for the 2011 Redskins' offense.

Punt and Kick Returner: Brandon Banks

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    With the additional players drafted along with the rule change that moves the ball to the 35-yard line for kick-offs Brandon Banks isn't a lock to make this year's roster.

    However, he is an explosive returner and even with the extra five yards for kickoffs, I think his home run potential at such a low price will keep him on the team.

    With that said here are my projections for Banks' production.


    Returns: 43

    Yards: 567.6

    Fair Catch: 12

    Yds/Ret: 13.2

    Long: 73

    TD: 3

    Kick Returns:

    Returns: 70

    Yards: 1582

    Yds/Rt: 22.6

    Long: 103

    TD: 2

Passing: Rex Grossman and John Beck

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    I think the year will start off with Rex Grossman under center, but after three games, his mediocre to bad play will result in John Beck taking the helm for the remaining 13 games. 

    Beck's numbers will be low because the Redskins will probably run more with him under center and will probably throw more short- to medium-range passes at first.

                     Rex Grossman               John Beck

    Attempts:  145                                 482                    

    Comp.:      79                                  301

    Yards:       776                                3281

    Comp%:    54.5%                           62.4%

    YD/ATT:    18.7                               14.7

    TD:            8                                   16

    INT:           8                                   13

    Long:        56                                  88*

    Sacks:       13                                  32

    * Beck's 88-yard TD will be a WR screen to Brandon Banks who'll run 88 yards for the touchdown.

Rushing: Ryan Torain, Roy Helu, Evan Royster, Clinton Portis and Mike Sellers

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    Oh, you read that headline right, Clinton Portis will be a Redskin next season, but more on that in a second.

    I have no doubt that Ryan Torain will be the number one guy in the back field to start the season.  I also have no doubt that he'll be bitten by the injury bug throughout 2011 as well.

    Torrain's injuries will give rookies Roy Helu and Evan Royster a chance to shine.

    Now, as far as Portis is concerned, I don't think there are many, if any, teams that will sign him above the league minimum.  He's old, he's been hurt and he may or may not have split personalities.

    However, there is one thing Clinton Portis does better than any other back in the history of the game, and that is blocking.  The Redskins will re-sign him on the cheap as a third-down back

                      Torrain       Portis       Helu       Royster       Sellers

    ATT            242             20            133         101              11

    Yards         838             63             612         333             19

    YDS/ATT    3.46            3.15          4.60        3.30            1.72

    Long          54               4              42           63               2

    TD              8                0               4            4                 2

WR: Santana Moss, Anthony Armstong, Brandon Banks, Malcom Kelly and the Rooks

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    The Redskins are going to have a ton of people to throw the ball to this upcoming season.  There is plenty of speculation of the Redskins going after the likes of Sidney Rice and other high profile wideouts, but since we don't know if that's going to happen, we'll stick with their current roster and the rookies.

    Also, you'll notice like Portis, I have Moss listed amongst the WRs.  Moss wants to be here, and I think the Redskins want him to be here, on the cheap though.  That's why they didn't make an effort to re-sign him or Portis before the lockout.

    The discussions are going to be long and hard, and with the lockout looming, the team probably didn't want to deal with it then.

    However, in the end, I still think Moss will be a Redskin.

                      Moss        Armstong        Banks        Kelly        Hankerson      

    REC           96             70                    15               52             38                   

    YDS           1,132        987                   158             527           200                  

    YDS/REC   11.79        14.1                 10.53          10.13         5.26                

    Long          56            63                      88               42             22                    

    TD              5              4                        1                 5              2                      

                      Paul        Robinson

    REC           22           8

    YDS           156          98

    YDS/REC   7.09         12.25

    Long          15            27

    TD              0             0

Receiving: Tight Ends and Runningbacks

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    The tight ends and backs will be a safety blanket at first for John Beck when he comes into start, but with all the new receivers in Kyle Shanahan's offense, I foresee a lot of four and five wideout packages which will cut down on the tight ends' production this season.





                     Cooley     Davis     Torrain     Portis    Sellers

    REC           38            17           3              2            1

    YDS           582          174        18            17           8

    YDS/REC   15.32       10.24      6              8.5          8    

    Long          36            24           7             11          8

    TD              3              3            0              0            1

Season Wrap-Up

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    In the end, the Redskins will only slightly improve from last season, but the improvements will be enough to get this team to 8-8 and possibly a 9-7 wild-card finish.

    I think a lot of the younger guys are going to step up, and Malcolm Kelly is going to show why he was kept around last season when he got injured instead of cut like Devin Thomas.

    John Beck will play adequate and make it hard for Shanahan to draft a quarterback in the 2012 draft, but if there is a way for Shanny to get Andrew Luck, this might be Beck's only season as the Redskins' starter.