Brian Cashman, LISTEN UP!

JerseySenior Analyst IOctober 16, 2008

I just turned on ESPNews, and found out, via the little ticker thingy, that the Braves are trying to trade for Jake Peavy.

Wait one second.

Jake Peavy is available for acquisition?

Yankees... PAY ATTENTION!!!

(Note: I know there are free agent options, and the Yanks don't want to jeopardize their farm system, illustrated by last year's Johan Santana non-trade. But when a guy like Peavy is on the market, and you're the New York frikkin' Yankees, you gotta at least inquire. I mean, it's JAKE PEAVY! If the Mets can give up a dead Rayovac battery and a pair of yellow boxer shorts for Johan Santana, maybe the Yanks can swing Peavy for something like Kei Igawa and a Paszkez sandwich cookie.)