Urijah Faber Explans Origins of Feud with Dominick Cruz

marcos villegasContributor IMay 11, 2011

March 16, 2003: Pride 25. You might remember this date but if you don’t let me take you back. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson had just defeated Kevin Randleman and was given a microphone (is this ringing a bell yet?).

Rampage looked directly at then Pride champion Wanderlei Silva and shouted out, “I want you boy, it’s gonna be me and you!” Wanderlei jumped into the ring and the two met face to face.

Rampage let the champ know that he had his belt and asked if Wandelei was keeping it warm for him. This started what most consider to be one of the top MMA Beefs in the sports short history.

Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, Sakuraba vs. the Gracie Family are just a few more names that have had big feuds in the world of MMA.

I think it is time to add Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz to that list. We got a chance to catch up with Urijah Faber and he tells Fight Hub TV all about the beef that is not really beef. Faber lets us in on the origin in this on-going feud and sheds light as to the start of everything.

We also get a chance to catch up with Urijah about the possibility of him and Joseph Benavidez having to fight each other. Urijah talks about how it is not the same situation as the whole Jon “Bones” Jones and Rashad Evans fall out.

We also talk to "the California Kid" about being in the UFC now and if he thinks it will help grow his brand and more!