The 3 Greatest "I Quit" Matches of All Time

Seth GrausContributor IIIMay 11, 2011

The 3 Greatest "I Quit" Matches of All Time

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    As we head into the WWE's next pay-per-view, "Over the Limit", which will feature an "I Quit" match between John Cena and the Miz, let us take a look back on this very unique, and sometimes extraordinarily brutal, match type with a countdown of the three greatest "I Quit" matches of all time.

    Hit the slideshow for a quick trip through some very thrilling matches.

    Quick Note: This slideshow will only feature "I Quit" matches from the WWE. I acknowledge that Ric Flair vs Terry Funk, as well as Tully vs Magnum are outstanding matches, and would probably top any other list.

3. Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley

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    To really appreciate this match, you have to realize the level of hatred that these two men had for each other before they finally buried the hatchet.

    With their unstable relationship in WCW and their feud during the Monday Night Wars, it's a miracle that this match even happened.

    Yet it did—and with both of these icons taking insane bumps, it was one hell of a ride.

    Foley and Flair really did put it all on the line, especially bearing in mind their ages at the time of the match. Seeing them bring out all the old Foley staples (thumbtacks and barbed wire) caused quite a surprise.

    While a lot of people think that Melina's involvement in the match brought it down a peg or two, I thought the psychology revolving her interaction with the two bruised and battered men was brilliant.

    Yes, I thought the ending was great as well.

2. John Cena vs. JBL

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    I'll be the first to admit that, if asked to recall compelling main event feuds from the past couple of years, John Cena and JBL doesn't come to mind.

    What with their horrendous championship match at Wrestlemania 21, I wouldn't blame others for thinking the same.

    That being said, low expectations for this feud were what led to the impression I was left with when I watched the "I Quit" match between these two, following their Wrestlemania showing.

    With the ferociousness from their feud being translated into an in-ring showdown, this match surpassed expectations—and then some. JBL showed that he could deliver one hell of a beating during his "control" segment in this bout, while Cena was able to showcase some amazing selling.

    With some creative spots (JBL repeatedly smashing the microphone into Cena's head) and some good psychology, this match came at only the beginning of Cena's push to superstardom.

1. The Rock vs. Mick Foley

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    This match was storytelling at its finest.

    Picture a handcuffed Mankind, walking up the entrance ramp with blood dripping down his face.

    Like a vulture, the one and only "Corporate Champion," The Rock, slowly stalks his prey, creeping up behind him and rearing back for the 11th chair-shot to the unprotected skull of his opponent.

    As a kid, it was hard to watch. Even 12 years later, I instinctively close my eyes.

    The impression that this match left was amazing—The Rock and Foley both gave it their all in this bout, and I cannot recall a time in which I hated the Rock more, or respected Foley more.

    With an amazing build, as well as a fight which made up for a lack of "true" wrestling with some of the most creative and downright gutsy action I have ever seen, this match (in my opinion) shall always be the perfect example of an "I Quit" match. 

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