25 Funniest Sports Pictures Ever

K BFeatured ColumnistMay 12, 2011

25 Funniest Sports Pictures Ever

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    The camera is a magical device that can capture split-second moments that the human eye can't fully register.

    Pictures can inspire, create ideas, start change and connect humans around the world.

    And then there are pictures that you can laugh at because some guy pooped his pants.

    Like I said, a magical device.

    These are the 25 funniest sports pictures I found.

    If you guys have some others, please share them for us all to see.

No. 25: A Moment of Repentance

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    The Heartbreak Kid did a lot of questionable things in his past.

    The bachelor party that got out of hand in Reno.

    The time he handed a homeless man a $5 bill and then jerked it away, laughing.

    The time things got weird with Sensational Sherri and Stephanie McMahon, which escalated when Vince walked in and then joined instead of getting angry.

    All those memories rushed back to Shawn as he blankly stared at the man he just killed with his signature move, Sweet Chin Music. 

No. 24: Boom Goes the Dynamite Takes on a Whole New Meaning

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    I don't know why I included this in the slideshow.

    There is absolutely nothing funny about any of this.

No. 23: The Craziest Rally of All Time

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    If you thought this rally was impressive, you should have seen the time when they were at the very opposite ends of the stadium.

    How is no one standing in amazement at what is going on? 

No. 22: The New Revealing Swimsuit

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    This swimmer was embarrassed at the moment the tear happened.

    But what she didn't count on was a Coppertone executive flipping through the channels and accidentally stumbling upon this wardrobe malfunction.

    Ladies and gentlemen, you're looking at the new mascot on the front of the Coppertone bottle.  

No. 21: The Lonliest Feeling in the World

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    This rider was consumed with being the best.

    He would stop at nothing to be known as pulling off the greatest trick of all time.

    He was ready to sacrifice everything to land the "No Wheels Knack Knack."

    The moment of regret began once he was at his highest point.

No. 20: Muggsy Bogues Ain't Nothin'

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    Is this what I will have to resort to when there is an NBA lockout?

    How in the world can this guy do a between the legs dribble move?

    Most people don't know that moments after this picture was taken, No. 14 did a 540 tomahawk jam right in his opponents grill.

No. 19: Everyone Told Us It Wouldn't Work. We Proved Them Wrong

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    I thought these two franchises hated each other. This is nothing but pure love!

    That damn East Coast media bias!

    Now I know the truth when they are trying to build up the hate in this supposed fierce and intense rivalry.

No. 18: A Tradition Like No Other

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    There is nothing more inspiring that when a team is lined up to take part in their national anthem.

No. 17: One Hell of a View

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    People viewing this picture may believe that the player who is getting his pants pulled down is the one losing in this situation.

    But the truth is, the player in the white let out an earth shattering fart that would kill someone weaker, like a baby or an old person.

No. 16: Granny Panties

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    This is a moment we should show any aspiring tennis player.

    You should be so focused and determined on the goal at hand that you shouldn't even notice when your undies are about to fall off.

No. 15: Brand New Meaning of Dunk Face

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    All Nelson was trying to do was signal to the vendor selling the delicious, futuristic ice cream Dippin' Dots.

    Apparently, Duke took exception. 

No. 14: A Touching Moment

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    Once their eyes locked, their connection reached its highest point, cementing them as passionate lovers forever.

    Meanwhile, their foolish teammate continues to look for love in all the wrong places.

No. 13: Going Where Only Wrestlers Have Gone Before

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    This is the most thorough cavity search on record.

    Example A of why I don't watch wrestling.

No. 12: Humans Yet Again Conquer SkyNet

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    Suddenly, Yao Ming froze.

    The Chinese looked on in horror and amazement.

    The robot they had worked on for 25 years had somehow been shut off.

    How in the world did their opponent discover the button that turns Yao off?

    How in the world did they find out that the only way the button can be pushed down is with a human tongue?

    More questions still remain in the land of the Great Wall.

    Who was the mole in the operation? Who is the scientist who invented Yao's ridiculous self-destruct button?

No. 11: The Biggest Mismatch Since David and Goliath

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    The bloodthirsty crowd showed no mercy.

    Chants of "rip his head off!!!!" began to spread like a virus, bouncing off the walls.

    The conflicted fighter knew the only way he would see his wife again was to destroy his opponent.

    What the huge sumo wrestler and the crowd didn't count on was that he was matched up against the greatest assassin in the world who was looking for his 1,000th kill.

    He would not be stopped.

No. 10: Playing Cowboys and Indians

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    David Stern was enraged when he saw this photograph on top of his desk one morning.

    Don Nelson and Stephen Jackson engaging in childish horseplay during a professional basketball game set Stern's aspirations of a league with a business-like image back a thousand years.

No. 9: When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

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    Things couldn't have gotten any worse for coach Morris Buttermaker during the first soccer game he ever coached.

    In classic Bad News Bears fashion, Buttermaker's rag tag group struggled with team unity and a confusion as to where the bathroom was.

    But what made things worse was when Coach Buttermaker looked over and saw a team in red who was clicking on all cylinders.

No. 8: A Creepy Following Gets Creepier

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    The grossest thing about this picture is that there are probably a thousand others out there we don't know about.

    It's pretty surprising this guy is in the cheap seats.

No. 7: The Only Thing Missing Is Pea Soup

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    This fighter feared he would be viewed as a freak the rest of his life.

    What he didn't count on was the amount of sheer enjoyment he would feel every Halloween when he would scare the unsuspecting neighborhood with his new found talent.

No. 6: One Bat, a Thousand Words

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    Getting hit in the face with a bat is certainly not funny.

    But the old woman's reaction in the middle really brings the whole picture together.

    And let's not forget to mention the fearless baby trying to get her very own souvenir on the left.

No. 5: Becoming Best Friends

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    There is a lot someone can learn about another person while fighting them inside a ring.

    Ultimate Warrior found out the hard way that Hulk Hogan enjoys gardening.

    Jeez, Hulk. It's not like you had to scream that fact at him.

No. 4: Look at That! His Hair Is Crazy!

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    Carlos Valderrama felt it. 

    That uncomfortable feeling no one enjoys.

    He slowly looked down and couldn't believe his eyes.

    His shoes were untied. He forgot to double knot. How silly of him!

No. 3: The Worst Miss in Mickelson's Career

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    Darryl was excited for the day.

    He was excited to wear his brand new blue polo and straw hat he had received for his birthday. He had also received tickets to his very first golf tour.

    A wonderful day turned into a nightmare once a lucky and evil photographer pressed his finger down.

    I no longer yawn in public after seeing the potential of embarrassment. 

No. 2: Taco Hell

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    This runner did not stop at the finish line.

    He continued on until he reached the highest mountain in the area, where he would shake his fists in anger while swearing off eating bean burritos at Taco Bell forever.

No.1: Sam "the Alien" Cassell

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    It had been a long time coming, but the human race finally got its revenge on those probing aliens.

    The intense joy on this man's face represents how much we enjoyed it.