What The Eagles Have To Do to Make It To The Playoffs

Wayne CrearContributor IOctober 16, 2008

To make it to the playoffs somethings need to be addressed:

1. Use the fade route Reid!! You have a high jump champion in Baskett that has the hops along with the size plus adequate speed to get open in the red zone. Spread them out then just let Baskett run a fade. It's Burress, Moss, and T.O. all does it why not us?

2. Dominate the line of scrimmage. We have one of the most physically imposing OL's in the NFL so why can be run the ball a little more? Since B-West is out, let's use Buck which is more of a "downhill" RB to play a little smashmouth football. The front 7 has to get better in both the running game and covering the TE's.

3. Curtis and D-Jax should start. Talk about speed..who are you going to cover? Brown, Baskett or Avant can run the slot in certain packages. Use Booker in multiple RB formations since he can catch (so they say..he hasn't shown me anything!) along with Buck.

4. Continue the special teams play of D-Jax, Demps and Sav "Boom Boom" Rocca. 100% improvement.


This team can do some damage in the NFL..it's all about putting it all together.