Texas Longhorns: Mack Brown "Returns to Own Vomit," Repeat of Last Year Likely

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Texas Longhorns: Mack Brown
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"Gilbert, you gonna ruin my bass endorsement fer them cool bass boats!

I was one of those guys, who—as a kid—was compelled to engage in scriptural study.

Yes sir, my folks were big on the Holy Bible. Well, me too, I guess. Lots of wisdom to be found there. Lots of really practical advice. In fact, it's a great text for football coaches.

A passage from the book of Proverbs came to mind as I thought this evening about Mack Brown—the man whose is supposedly gonna 'get 'er done for the Longhorns!' Here it 'tis!

"As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his own folly."

We learn from Mr. John Taylor in his College Football Talk article, "Report: ‘Horns privately tab incumbent Gilbert as starting QB."

WHEE! What excitement! Maybe he can hit 25, 45, maybe even 100 interceptions. Wow—that would really be something, huh?

The always irritating, but usually accurate Kirk Bohls over at the offices of the Austin American Statesman, has also indicated that Mack Brown is hurriedly turning to his own gastric effluence. He weighed in on the issue too:

"Junior-to-be quarterback Garrett Gilbert has been chosen as the Texas starter and been told so, one source who regularly talks to the football players told me, but Mack Brown and Bryan Harsin don't want Connor Wood, Case McCoy and David Ash to stop working as hard as possible, and haven't made any public announcement on the starting position. I think it'd be smarter to show strength and confidence in Gilbert by announcing he's the guy..."

Who is the "pretender" om Texas new staff?

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I have been calling for Gilbert's replacement since the second week of last season, so my position is well known.  

There is no point in repeating it here.  It is enough to say that Gilbert—as terrific a kid as he is—will never, never lead the Horns to a Conference or National Championship.


The boy just doesn't have the tools to do the job.  He's a great kid, but an utterly horrible QB. Brian Harsin, Mack Brown, Major Applewhite, Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Vince Lombardi—NO ONE—can give this kid the "stuff" it takes to succeed.  

He will never lead the Horns to the Promised Land.  Its a sad situation, and I really feel sorry for this young man.

If Gilbert gets the nod, the Horns will again be the laughingstock of college football.  Oh well, life is filled with disappointments.  

The most troubling element of this dreadful development is that Harsin is ready to drink the vomit...er...Kool Aid with Mack.

Get ready folks, for a long season.

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