Kyle Petty in the No. 41 Car—Not a Bad Choice

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IOctober 16, 2008

Chip Ganassi racing would certainly benefit from Kyle Petty driving the Target car, I'm sure Target won't mind having a name like Petty represent them for a year or two.

According Felix Sabates the only reason Kyle wont be on that seat  is because Chip wont allow it. Here is the quote:  "Kyle will win races. I am convinced of that 150 percent. Chip doesn't believe it, so there's nothing I can do about it." 

Those are very strong words from Felix, this speaks volume of what might be part of the problems with the Ganassi team. There might be a Chip and Felix war of words in play here. 

Could this year mark the end of the Felix-Chip partnership? Here is another quote by Felix, "If it was my decision at Ganassi's team, I'd put Kyle Petty in the 41 car. "  Folks these are things that are discussed in close door meetings, not  in the media, partners don't call each other out in public. Well, maybe  the New York Yankees, but in most  business partnerships disagreements are kept in house.

There is something going on here and is obvious Felix wanted the media to know  that his opinion on how to run this operation are at odds with Chips. I'm only guessing but something does smell to high heaven here.

Kyle in the No. 41 team, why not?  What do they have to lose? Maybe they're  concerned Kyle will run in the back 30? Oh wait! No. 41 is already doing that! It can only get better. Enough said.