Hot Seat???

Joey MillerContributor IOctober 16, 2008

The Minnesota Vikings Brad Childress has been the discussion of Minnesota. The fans are beginning to not accept the play calling of Head Coach Brad Childress. It has gotten so terrible in Minnesota that the fans have began chanting "Fire Childress". The Head Coach has stated before that he never heard the chants. It won't matter if he heard them. All that will matter is if Owner Ziggy Wilf is getting upset with the play calling. One more bad game will make Owner Ziggy Wilf look at the position once again. Ziggy has opened his pocket book to bring in Jared Allen, Tomas Tapeh, Madiua Williams, and also a playmaker in Bernard Berrian to Minnesota. Those additions made fans feel like they would be one of the elite teams in the NFL this season. The Minnesota Vikings are currently 3-3 going into Chicago.