Help Wanted: Who's Watching College Football on Saturday?

Tim CarySenior Analyst IOctober 16, 2008

Hopefully you've gotten a chance to read one of my weekly "Carrying On About College Football" columns. A new edition gets posted each Sunday night on Bleacher Report.

From the beginning of the season, my goal has been to write a complete wrap-up of everything college football. Don't worry, I plan to continue...but not by myself.

See, I need help writing this column each weekend.

Your help.

I need your eyes.

I need your ears.

No matter how much I try (and believe me...or ask my wife...I have tried), I can't watch every college football game by myself.  I could watch as many games as possible (check), watch two games at the same time (check again), and watch them all day long (three-for-three)...but it wouldn't be enough.

In order to make sure I have the funniest announcer quotes, the most amazing stats, and the most unbelievable highlights, I need you.

I need you, Michigan State fan, to watch the Spartans with a notepad handy.

I need you, Texas supporter, to be ready to jot down what you see in Saturday's Longhorns game.

I need you, Boise State fanatic, to make sure I didn't miss any Bronco moments.

It's easy, really. You're going to watch football Saturday anyway (I know you, Bleacher Creatures!)...all you need to do is be ready to jot down ideas that are worth sharing.

You have all weekend to watch as much or as little as you want...then just make sure to send what you see and hear to by 7 PM EST each Sunday.

This is especially important the next few weeks, because I have the extreme privilege of writing my column on location in the press box for the first time.  Spending Saturday afternoons in Louisville, Kentucky, and West Lafayette, Indiana the next couple weekends is everything a sportswriter could possibly ask for...

...but the one downside is it means I won't see as many games on television at home as I usually do.

That's where you come in. Hopefully your submissions will continue to make "Carrying On About College Football" the interactive, variety-filled wrap-up you have been enjoying so far this season.


Recap of the Process

Step 1: Watch football.

Step 2: Write down ideas for each of the categories

Step 3: Send them to by 7 PM EST Sunday.

Step 4: Check late Sunday night or anytime during the week to read the latest edition and see if your submissions made it into "Carrying On"!


If you're new to COACF, here are some of the categories you can help fill:



The weird, ridiculous, and hilarious announcer quotes that make you laugh.



The ridiculous stat lines and improbable scores that make you think the sports ticker has malfunctioned.



The jaw-dropping highlights and plays worth rewinding for.



Real-life examples of coaching mistakes or referee error.


That's it—that's all!  Hope to hear from you this weekend. Thanks as always for reading, and remember, interactive means YOU!


Tim Cary (yes, Cary…as in “Carrying on”) is a resident of Springfield, Ohio and a die-hard college football fan (especially when it comes to the Purdue Boilermakers).

To submit thoughts, ideas, questions, arguments, or anything else for “Carrying On About College Football,” e-mail:  Send in your ideas throughout the week...and check out the latest installment of COACF each Sunday night on