NFL Trade Rumors: 5 Predictions for the Arizona Cardinals If They Get Kevin Kolb

Jack London@@Londonbridges21Correspondent IMay 10, 2011

NFL Trade Rumors: 5 Predictions for the Arizona Cardinals If They Get Kevin Kolb

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    This is still a big if. 

    IF the Cardinals can get Kevin Kolb depends on a lot of ifs. 

    IF the NFL ever figures out if we are playing football this season, maybe they can. 

    IF the Eagles are willing to part with him at the right price, then maybe. 

    IF the Cardinals have what the Eagles want, then maybe.

    And maybe the biggest IF...

    IF the Cardinals will do what it takes to get him. 

    Personally, I think that Kolb might be a bit over-hyped. He did okay with the Eagles, but that's not great, considering they had a heck of a receiving corps. 

    But who knows? He may just need a great receiver like Larry Fitzgerald. Larry wanting him on the team is certainly a good sign. 

    And while it's possible, though highly unlikely, the Cards will make a trade for Kolb involving Patrick Peterson (I didn't make up that rumor), I think they'll use other means, such as draft picks. 

    But IF they do get Kevin Kolb, here are a few things that could happen. 

1. Larry Fitzgerald Gets Double-Digit Touchdowns Again

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    Larry had an "off" year last year. 

    He still had 90 catches to go with nearly 1,200 yards and six TDs. 

    That's amazing, quite frankly, especially considering the caliber of Arizona's quarterbacks. 

    I don't think Kolb is Peyton Manning, but he is better than Derek Anderson...blindfolded. 

    So I see Fitzgerald's ypc and his TD going up at least, and I imagine he'll get several more yards and a few more catches. 

    Plus, when Larry goes deep, Kolb might be able to hit him every now and then. 

2. Steve Breaston Gets over 1,000 Yards Again

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    Breaston got over 700 yards last year as the Cardinals' big play threat. 

    And, not to belabor a point, but it was with no help from the QBs. 

    If Breaston can get 65 catches this year with his average from last year, he could surpass 1,000 yards again, like he did in '08. 

    This also depends on the development of Early Doucet and Andre Roberts, but I imagine that Doucet will get injured, and Roberts doesn't get as many looks (no slam to his ability mind you) from quarterbacks not named Skelton. 

    But I think Breaston will benefit from a better QB. 

3. A Tight End Catches More Than 30 Passes

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    I say a tight end because I'm not 100 percent sure it will be Housler. 

    As hard as I am on the pick, I do like the fact the Cardinals are trying to finally get a pass-catching TE. 

    And I imagine he will get at least 30 catches. 

    But he is a rookie. 

    If the lockout holds, and he can't spend time with Whisenhunt and learn the system, he may not see the field for a while. 

    And I do still think that Jim Dray isn't as bad as people think. 

    So we'll see. 

    But I believe that with Kolb, who liked hitting Brent Celek in Philly, the tight ends will catch a few balls. 

4. The Run Game Averages over 100 Yards Per Game

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    It's amazing what a decent QB will do for an offense that has weapons already. 

    If a quarterback can actually hit the Cardinals receivers, opposing teams will be more wary of the pass. 

    And the Cardinals run game, whether it's Tim Hightower, Ryan Williams or Beanie Wells, should benefit. 

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's mostly Williams and Wells, who both did well with Kurt Warner at QB and defenses focusing on the Cards' passing attack. 

    But I don't think the Cardinals would air it out like they did under Warner. They drafted a fullback in Anthony Sherman along with Williams, making me think they should focus a bit more on the run game this year. 

5. The Cardinals Will Win the Division

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    Bold statement?

    I don't think so. 

    I really think that if the Cardinals can get a QB, a consistent one that is, they could be a playoff caliber team again. 

    Sure, the defense has issues, as does the offensive line. 

    But the Kurt Warner teams did as well. 

    When you can outscore the other team, it doesn't matter quite as much. 

    I think St. Louis would be the biggest challenge, but Kolb becomes the second best, or maybe the best QB in the division before he plays a snap. 

    And that can make all the difference in the world.