Washington Wizards: Watch the Wizards' New Uniform Press Conference

Kevon RobinsonCorrespondent IMay 10, 2011

The fate of Washington D.C. basketball changed at the moment the Wizards won the NBA lottery, and change was the main thing owner Ted Leonsis stressed upon coming into ownership for his first year.

A lot of fans wished that the Wizards would someday change their name back to the Bullets to rid them of the childish name; but as we all know, the Wizards stopped using the Bullets name as an anti-violence approach to the D.C. community.

Other than the name, the jerseys are definitely an upgrade from the previous blue and gold theme. They look sleek with a lot of symbols representing the nation's capital.  

Many teams have this red, white and blue color scheme but you can't really blame the Wizards for going back being that the Bullets era was their championship era and they play in the nation's capital.

Also announced in this press conference, by General Manager Ernie Grunfeld, was that their franchise PG John Wall will represent the Wizards at the NBA Draft Lottery and not Irene Pollin (widow of the previous owner Abe Pollin).  

Hopefully with the new jersey change, the Wizards could show improvement next year and help Washington D.C. basketball become a little more relevant than the joke that many think of when they hear the team name "Wizards."

Maybe a playoff berth led by John Wall could help, especially after taking advice from coach John Calipari to follow what Derrick Rose did in the offseason.