Cotton Candy Here: Popular Pittsburgh Stadium Vendor Kenny Geidel Passes Away

Russ GodekContributor IIIMay 10, 2011

Kenny Geidel serving Lemonade at PNC Park
Kenny Geidel serving Lemonade at PNC Park

It's a sad day in Pittsburgh.

Kenny Geidel, a popular concessions vendor at various sporting events around Pittsburgh, passed away earlier today due to complications from an intestinal infection.

Geidel is well-known by anyone who has attended home games for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Steelers or Pirates and craved a snack. His calls, announcing the item he was selling, could be heard from a great distance away.

His distinct, high-pitched voice was a staple on most nights. Always a fan favorite, Geidel began working at the Pirates and Steelers former home, Three Rivers Stadium, in the 1980's. Most people considered him a part of each team, and a part of the city itself.

Geidel will be sorely missed, and echoes of "cotton candy here!" or "coke here!" will live on in our hearts forever. Whether he was selling cotton candy, coke, beer and peanuts, or any other delicious treat, it was always special to purchase something from Geidel.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Geidel's family. The Pittsburgh Pirates take on the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight at PNC Park at 7:05, where there will no doubt be a tribute to the late, the great, Kenny Geidel.

Hopefully, everyone in attendance can shout "Cotton Candy here!" one last time.